Thursday, April 23, 2015

Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory

Think i gonna try all the korean chicken outlet open in Singapore.. 

Just in a month of March, Hubb ate almost 60pcs of chicken wings. Nooo, i should say he ate 60pcs of 4 fingers chicken wings.. Myself, perhaps maybe about 30pcs! 

Just 3 weeks ago, went to Chickenup which was kinda of disappointing.. Too over-rated.. 

Been wanna try Chir chir ever since I saw the post of the nest snow chicken from Danielfooddiary! Omg!!
Chir chir has opened its flagship outlet in Singapore 313 Somerset. 

Lady killer on the top and Passion yellow Tok Tok! 

I, myself love the passion fruit tok tok.. 
It oso berry cool with the soda charger fizzing up the drinks right before it served to our table... 

When everyone are into snap snap before digging in, the restaurant has mini tongs so we dun have to worry about getting our fingers dirty with the sauses! 
All the food we ordered are not their all time favorite..
Dun just wanna try those dishes that being blogged about.. but this led to I can't find the name of the dish online... Headache!
Sincerely apologies!

Dear Hubb... please bring mi there again.. I promised I will take note the name of dishes.. lol
Spicy bbq chicken
A little way too spicy for mi ( I do eat spicy food~~~~) but I still like this..
This look alike like nest snow..
But nest snow look more fantastic, I so wanna order it when I saw it served on other diners table...
Garlicky chicken wings
My favorite of the night.. This is way too yummlious finger licking good!
I love it with roasted sweet potatoes and fried toppoki!
Cheese Fries
Okay... I concluded never ever order cheese fries from any korean restaurant
Not that it tastes awful just not to my liking... 
Mi using the Lady Killer as prop *-*

I prefer Chir Chir chicken over ChickenUp, at least right now I feel like going back to Chir Chir for their Garlicky chicken and I wanna try the nest snow and the Chir cream beer... 
Okay I gonna jio my foodies explorers NOW...

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