Friday, April 3, 2015

Welcome April

In a glance, it already April liao lo...
Time really flies and super fast, like I never really do much things yet..

Especially today..
Suppose to be a non working holiday, decided to stay home and be a couch potato (Hubb named mi this since tat day I fallen sick and stay the whole weekend on my couch.. =.=" )
It's already 4 plus lo..
and I spend my whole day lying on my couch..
To prevent my Hubb from saying mi for doing nothing and just lying on the couch watching drama so decided to blog
and YES,
finally I getting my hands on my Europe honeymoon entry.. sorry it's just DAY 1 only..
Will work harder, okay faster de... But it really harder den Taiwan and Bangkok post..

Flipping through the photo album uploading the photos making mi misses Europe so muchie and I actually back from Europe for 3 months le wor.. aiyoyo..
Feel like going back..

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