Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A day Singapore Zoo and River Safari

Well spent Saturday at Singapore Zoo and River Safari with my younger brother and cousin..
Just back from the Zoo and decided to just start updating before everything got stack up... hahaha! Not as if many alot people are reading at least I wanna kept all my memories here and for me to flip through every now and then.. 
Our day started quite late, we reached Singapore at about 1++ , surprisingly the crowds wasn't that bad except for KFC... hahaha
Yes.. We started our day with the super crowded KFC with tons n tons of tourists.. Oh well, maybe it just happen to be lunch time.. 
Let's our day beginning..

Happily let the kiddos led the way...
anyway my main purpose was to see the Koala bears ( I love to call themm Cola bear...)

I just being biased ~~~ over this white tiger...
I always love to see the white tiger, or I should say I love all type of tigers..

This lovely tiger still cat walking in front of us, walking forward and backward..
SO cool and smart isn't it..
Can you see the calf? It only 2 months old..
And it really shy, kept hiding in the water and peeping every now and then...
Though I had been travelling but I never had a chance to go Australia.. T_T
A non stop growth mammals, most mammals stop growing after they reach a certain age. Kangaroos grow throughout their lives..  
Koala Bears!
I heard we can carry the cola in Australia.. OMG! 
I think I will fall in love again if I can carry the cola but I know I wun cause I'm scared!
Sadly, we are only allow 10 mins to be in the viewing gallery.. How sad..!
And we had to queue for 30 mins to be in the viewing gallery..!

By the time we walked out, it started to rain.. Oh man! It gonna be so stuffy...
Lucky enough, the rain stopped after few mins so we moved on to the next stop...

And we stopped at the elephants show area... It's only 230pm and elephant show start at 330pm but we decided to choose a good seat and wait for the show to start..
Cheeky us!
They are really cuteeee and funnny..

Orang Utan
Penguinsssss are birds but they only "fly" underwaters...
Well... ended our Zoo tour short and sweeet... but seem like we miss alot of animals but who cares when we enjoy ourselves..

Kiddos with their long waited ICE-CREAM...
Didn't noe that the River Safari closed at 6pm and panda viewing closed at 5pm...
It already 520pm but we still rush to River Safari..

Kudos thanks to the staffs at River Safari.. You guys rocks our day... 
We were told that the panda viewing will be closing at 530pm today and ask us to rush in by the exit..
We reached the Panda viewing at 526pm and YEAH... JiaJia Kai Kai here we are....

First greet by the ReD panda..
Slightly larger den a cat with a fox like face..

When we only have 4 mins with JiaJia and KaiKai, both of them are way far far ahead.. 
I'm glad the kiddos enjoy themselves like I enjoy myself...
Bought the Kiddos JiaJia and KaiKai plushies..
Buy 1 free 1 (2 for S$29.90)
Didn't manage to get Hubb to buy for mi.. Oh well...
Pardon the auntie look here... hahhaa...!
Great well spent Saturday...!

Oh man... I miss DATING with my Hubb already.... 

PSSST: Can I have JiaJia and KaiKai PLEASe.... Hahahaha....

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