Sunday, June 1, 2014


It's really not easy to blog travel post
I'm so busy
( =.= )
okay I'm lazy..
still trying hard on Day 2 of Taiwan 
I'm trying, I really am!
My English is not great but who cares
I blogged for keeping memories!
I love to take photos, many many photos 
 I'm not professional but who cares
I just the love how hubb and mi laugh and jokes of our past, our looks
especially by reading back my blog
Dun you think that feel so good!
Just done with my online shopping with OBdesign Taiwan
Been trying for weeks but fail due to the dunno wat security by OBdesign system
I even tried to contact their customer service
though they replied but didn't solve my problem
all i know is I had to keep trying everyday
so happy that Finally I can order it again..
5 pcs of dresses
ok la
PS: I did went to their outlet during my last visit which is less than a month ago
I must be crazy
must be out of my mind
who cares
I using my own $$$ (okay mostly my hubb $$$... shhhh)

Thought of the day with hubb
I wanna be Lady boss
I wanna open shop 
so I gonna work hard to that
please support Surprising My Love ~ photobooth
For just SGD100/=
1) A page to display the latest 20 photos on the event day
2) Also an admin page to view all event photos
(which include the person who posted the photos & number of likes to the particular photo)
so why wait!!!
Click to find out more!!
and quote "Jeanrin Yanling" to get S$5.00 off
Happy Instagram~ing

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