Saturday, May 31, 2014

Stress ~ Destress ~Stressfree

Busy Friday!
I burst out in tears while working
suddenly feel so stress, so frustrated, so so much feeling
think of it, my tears will start rolling!
Sorry hubb, make you worry yest and I'm fine right now!
maybe I took it too hard 
maybe I stress myself to much
maybe maybe maybe
Trying to relax but I can't (at least I am now)
as I mentioned earlier post
my partner my colleague Cat went for holiday and I had to help her with her work 
including moving new office
feeling lost when no-one is there to help hence stress came
I need Holiday 
yes I just came back from Taiwan but I I really need 1 before my big day
Speak of Taiwan
finally I uploaded up to Day 5 photos 
5 more days to go 
Hope I wun take too long for tNhis!
Stay home Saturday
kinda bored
I need a break 
just dun feel like walking including shopping (there's online shopping, hee)
in the end 
we had late lunch cum early dinner at bbq chicken
Not too bad...
since we having early dinner
we planned to make fondue for dessert!
went to cold storage to get
waffle biscuit
and 1 more long long biscuit which i forget the name
last but the least
the most important thing
love stayhome Saturday!

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