Thursday, May 29, 2014

No caption!!

sound sux coz still 1 day to Friday
my partner(Catcat) went Europe for holiday
I'm all alone here in office struggling her work and mine!
jus feel like taking a break from there!
since yesterday
I'm like a crazy woman rushing here and there! 
all thanks to nobody is helping us and treating us super women!
at least
she not quitting anymore instead she did also fight for mi too..
thanks cat
so much about the work and work and work
since I mentioned I wanna take a break
Something I really wanna share!
Recently kinda addicted with this new app
only so far only iphone had it!
this helps mi decide that i'm sure wanna get iphone next!
oh ya
I recommend this especially for those who love to take #selfies

Say cheese!!!

Most important person in my whole life!
my hubb
thanks for giving your best
thanks for everything
thanks for making mi so proud
thanks thanks thanks
(I know I know, i been saying this! I'm loving it)
Thanks for taking selfies with mi all the times!
Using #Hicollage to collage my photos
if not
think I gonna spam all the feeds in instagram ba
Follow mi at Jeanrin

Just a simply post
still brighten up my day!!

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