Thursday, May 15, 2014

Have a break! Have KinohimitsuSG

It had been a long and bad week! 
Tons of stuffs happened and I really buay tahan liao
From my love xiaogu to my family to work to 爱… 
I gonna break down real soon!
I trying my best to make everyone happy but who gonna make mine
Not to pin point to anyone,anything! 
But now i realised no matter how close you are to tat person~~~ 
NEVER NEVER be too truthful! 
Coz no1 nobody can take it even it for their own good
instead ppl will blame you
(above exclude my hubb)
whole best hubb~the only one i can be truthful too
Thank hubb
Okay I dun wanna talk about this anymore
spoil my Friday 
Can't imagine how time flies! 
We have been back from Taiwan for a week or so already… 
and i already missing it… 
Didn't really get to enjoy tat much and many places i wanna go didn't manage to go 
due to unforeseen reason~ 
okay i know i know! 
Photos photos photos! 
 trying my best already! 
Was on 3 days mc due to sharp pain in my right eye… 
I was so pain tat i burst out crying shouting for my hubb
(okay abit dramatic la) 
Rushed to KTPH A & E 
but the waiting time was like crazy 80mins. 
kill mi pls… 
hubb dun wish mi to wait in pain for so long so we rushed to GP! 
 I had the worse weekend ever… 
eye still as red and as pain 
so hubb insisted mi to go KTPH eye clinic on monday and was given 3 days MC 
(This is life)
MC at home on Monday~ ~~
tuesday public holiday~ ~~
Wednesday went back to work due to report not yet done~! 
How cool is it right!
And still have to stay till 8pm to rush my report… 
Shag shag shag! 
Lucky enough! 
I have #kinohimitsusg
Thanks Kinohimitsu for the beauty drink for someone like mi 
who is having such a busy shag schedule!
Oh ya, yes...
I already done with 6 days Kinohimitsu D'tox juice and starting the collagen diamond 5300 drink for 4 days
maybe still in the early stage
but I have confident that it will really benefits mi just like the D'tox juice.
Will write my review on the D'tox juice in my next post...
Really looking forward for a better complexion for my big day in Dec...

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