Saturday, May 24, 2014

Cousin's big day

Once again
I was being pushed back
I was supposed to be the first among the cousins to get marry
First~ my Ying Jie
Next ~ my da biao ge
Then~ my brother
Now ~ my da biao jie
I'm like from the first to 5th ~ Oh gosh!
i already done with my bridal shoot
done with my home
settle my hotel banquet
settle my actual bridal
just left the dinner
but Time really pass super fast
with a blink
it already ending of May
I'm no where done with my actual day time table
Getting depression real soon!
Will i???
Okay back to my cousin's big day
First time ever
I witnessing gate crashing
how great how exciting!
It really fun to be there
Thanks biao jie for inviting mi there
though we just getting closer this few years
but I'm really glad we did!
May you have a blissful, happy loving marriage!

3 of the beautiful sisters
Thanks for the hard work! 
Huat ar!
I love my family! 

With the lovely beautiful bride
 I have HongBao too!
see how happy I am!
Back at hotel
when they are lawfully husband and wife
'you may kiss the bride' 
so beautiful!
somehow I can't wait for my big day liao! 
my baobei cousin
With my brother
with my sister-in-law 
my happy family
Thanks for being there for mi
depsite all the ups and downs
I love you all!
(did you guys realised something?? all our eyes are open) 
Some photobooth photos at my cousin's wedding
All of us having great fun!

♡♡Happy ever after♡♡
Looking forward for my big day lo!

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