Saturday, April 26, 2014

[Sponsored] Kinohimitsusg

Oh My god!
It's tonight~~~ I'm flying to Taiwan tonight. tonight leh!
12.55am flight
0540am touch down to Taiwan
Finally finally finally!
It's here
Stay tune to my update wor! Will blog once I'm back... (I hope so)
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1 more update! 
Sorry for the long post but it all for your own good!
❤❤ #kinohimitsusg ❤❤
Finally I received the sponsor products.. 
Too bad I cannot try it straight away as I'm flying to Taiwan 
not going to waste it!
so stay tune for more update wor!

Do you suffer from:
Poor digestion, stomach bloating (Okay, just a little for mi)
Fatigue, low energy levels, sickly body (Yes, yes! I always feel sick and "Fatigue".. Do you?)
Poor complexion, blemishes, skin allergies (hmm.. just a little bad complexion but with tons of freckles)
Bad breath, body odor (Of coz, i dun have this 2 but if you do, scroll down)
Headache, migraine (This affects me the most, I almost every week have headache and almost every few month with bad Migraine)

Do you have:
A busy, stressful life (Yes! This is Singapore! Who doesn't lead a busy and stress life.. even young children too)
Constant exposure to the polluted environment (air, water) (Hmmm... Haze! Consider right!)
Irregular meals and eating processed food (Yes! same here.. Busy, stressful life how to sit down to have a wonderful yummy meals at home)

Saver is here!

In just six days, Kinohimitsu J’pan D’tox Juice leaves you feeling renewed, refreshed and revitalized. The six day program is a smart way to flush out toxins from your bowel within 2-4 hours, without disrupting your daily life. This 100% natural juice is the fastest and the most effective drink in the market.

J’pan D’tox Juice contains no additives that provides high concentrations of dietary fiber which increases the beneficial cultures in the digestive tract and helps fortify the body’s defences.

Usage: As mentioned above~ it is a 6 days program so ~~~
Take one bottle a day, consecutively for six days. There is no special diet required to accompany the consumption of J’pan D’tox Juice. For maintenance, we encourage the consumption of 1-3 bottles of Kinohimitsu J’pan D’tox Juice each week.

Kinohimitsu J’pan Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink
Firm and moisture-plumped skin in a bottle
Kinohimitsu J’pan Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink comes with 5300mg of Collagen Peptide specifically designed for mature skin to restore its youthfulness, resilience and radiance.

Compared to our skin’s natural collagen, Collagen Peptide has a shorter molecular structure but because of their similarity, Collagen Peptide is easily absorbed by our skin. The drink actively boosts collagen synthesis and repairs damaged collagen fibres to minimise the signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles and dryness. See your skin visibly lifted and moisture-plumped with Kinohimitsu J’pan Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink!
Kinohimitsu J’pan Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink
Firms up skin for a more lifted look
Tightens pores for velvety-smooth skin
Helps make-up stay on longer and adhere better to the skin
Lifts up bust and buttock for a more attractive body shape
Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and heals scars
Re-densifies the skin’s dermis layer for fine and supple skin
Seals in precious moisture for lasting retention within the skin
Lightens skin for a snowy complexion
Strengthens hair and nails, keeping them strong and healthy


Hmmm... I'm below 30 ar...
and I dun smoke!
other den than, I fit in almost everything..
How great can it be..
A drink that I really need it(coz I'm reaching 30 in a few more year and I really need to freeze my age)

Usage: 1 bottle a day, preferably before breakfast or bedtime . Shake well before drinking. Keep chilled for a delicious taste.
First-time users: 1 bottle a day for a consecutive period of 6 days .
For maintenance: 1 bottle every 2 days .
Of course I have to go through with my Nutritionist
and was intro to the above 2 type of drink that benefit most!
Can't wait to see the results!

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