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Friday, April 18, 2014

❤A week before Taiwan❤

Oh My god!
1 more week to Taiwan ~~~ I'm freaking so EXCITED about it!
yes I know I know
I just came back from there last Jan'14
it totally different! REAL DIFFERENT...!
Jan'14 ~ It's our company trip, I go with my colleagues, and of course my fav. girlies and indeed we pretty enjoy ourselves,
tried different stuffs,
go different places which I didn't and cannot manage to go by myself and with hubb..
without my hubb, nothing is fun
(though I did enjoy myself la, sorry hubb**, but I always love u)
Just in case any of u missed out my last Taiwan post last Jan
here you go!!

Coming Taiwan trip is with Hubb's family and my xiaogu
managed to plan my itinerary, just with a little touch up here and there, and da~dang!
You check out my previous post on what I miss going to Taiwan
and I will definitely do it all
Just some highlight of my coming trip
we will be going to
Taichung staying at Beacon Hotel
Cingjing staying at Starry Minsu
Hualien staying at Green Hotel
Taipei staying at Hotel Puri (we been staying at Rainbow hotel the past few times at taipei so decided to choose another hotel instead, hope it will be a great stay)
Just can't wait to fly
It's Friday~~~ Good Friday
Best things of all is we dun have to work, how great this is right!
long weekend!
Hubb have more time to play games
and for this
I get to use the lappy to do my stuffs my blog!
alot of stuffs happen this week
lucky enough time passes fast enough
pls pass faster to next Saturday.. plss! and stop the time after tat...
Can can can!!!!
Gonna meet up with my butts for dinner tonight!

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