Sunday, April 6, 2014

Samsung SRL NX2000 camera

I had been saying in my instagram and facebook @jeanrin that I wanna get this pink camera..
I been wanna get it since NX1000 to now NX2000
Finally it's on my hand
I finally bought it...--- NX2000
hubb bought it for mi❤️
thanks hubb for giving in to mi even when he noe tat he is ways too pamper mi..
thanks hubb for giving mi yr berry best even when i throwing my princess temper
thanks hubb for my dream camera!
of coz i will try my best not to see any 'dream' till after our wedding!!
all the freebiess tat comes along! 
Tripod stand, camera case, memory card and and and samsung galaxy tab!!
thanks courts expo sales last weekend and i get it at a great deal!
Haven't got chance to use it
been so busy and tired over the weekend

but i will definitely learn to use it and make full use of it!!
Can't wait to use it for my upcoming Taiwan trip end of this month!

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