Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dear McDonald

Dear McDonald,
Thank you for bring back Hello Kitty ( okay I meant the craze)
Just can't wait to have this whole set of collection Hello Kitty 
It kinda worth it ba!
I had been hogging in front of my com since 9am... 
Okay I had to admit that I'm not actually a hello kitty fan (but I dun dislike it)
I even make fun of it as "没嘴巴的猫~no mouth kitty"
Didn't expect I'm actually joining the queue late night last year just to get the first batch of Hello Kitty
I'm sure I'm not a crazy fan like Bett!!!! 

Available online 23April - 11am
but when the clock strike 11am… no where to find to click.. to purchase and I had to refresh and refresh.. 
To my surprise!
 Blank page!
I can understand due to heavy traffic, so as long as I keep refreshing... there may have some hope rite! 
"Sold out online"
Next thing we know 
How can u ease the traffic by suspending new orders?
Understand you wanna clear the order, slow down the traffic 
but you can't do this to us...
for the next few hours~~~
many had commented about their disappointment with Mcdonald in the FB page
Mcdonald chosen to keep quiet and let it be and just replying those who manage to pay for the kitty but not yet received the confirmation email.
Good job! 
den Bett says got insider news
Mcdonald will open order at 7pm so no point refreshing liao 
True enough!
Mcdonald posted in it Fb page!
Thank Mcdonalds!
Thank you Hubb for helping us!
Mcdonald did a fantastic job this time round which make us believe tat morning that move is just a bait 
A bait for those black market seller 
A bait for those not getting for themselves yet purchase 3 sets
A bait for those who wanna earn extra 
A bait that catch us too 
Great Move! 3 cheers for you, Mac
Even after an hr, some fans still manage to get it online though it stated online "currently busy"
Can't wait to receive this 6 characters
I believe there wun be much queue this time (good luck to black market)

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