Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New Lifestyle ~ New Mi

From a super fatty bum bum to now still a fatty bum bum
but a pretty confident bum bum!

Started a new me, new lifestyle!…

A dun really exercise peep actually requested hubb to accompany mi for a night walk after dinner.. First step is really hard
Will definitely put in more efforts together with the help of Hubb

Climbing up the stairs instead of taking the lift
(okay I noe.. 5 storey so what! But at least my effort is there.. haha  o( >o< )o

Eating an apple daily (but green really kill mi)

Stretching and squatting every night before sleep
(Trying hard to maintain this leh)

Most importantly... #kinohimitsusg
A beauty collagen drink has become a part of mi..
(Complexion getting better and bouncier...~ can I be more greedy? How abt ~ Fairer? hmm...!)

for my skin to fully adsorb the drink ~ all the above is a must!
For my big day... all this ~ is worth it!

never really bother mi much, 
never bother my hubb from loving mi either..
Is just Health matter!
Especially this month I'm stepping into the age of 28th..!
Kinda freak mi off abit..
(though I know I dun look tat old la.. whoopz! Thank you Kinohimitsu!)

Yes... It's my birthday month.. Woohoo..!

And ya..
It's my hubb's birthday too... 

Looking forward for our stayaction at Movenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa!

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