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Thursday, July 31, 2014

❤ Our 28th Birthday at Sentosa ❤

❤ It's our birthday!!  ❤
As life gets better, hubb earning slightly more than past few year.. with mi contributing to my spending!
We started to celebrate our one year once birthday by rewarding ourselves 
to staycations!
to overseas trip..!
 it more like hubb rewarding mi.. 
Feeling ❤❤❤

This year same with last year, we celebrate our 28th at Sentosa..
last year was at The Beaufort 
This year kind of upgraded.. With a little credit with Agoda
we booked Movenpick Heritage Sentosa Hotel..
Didn't managed to get room with merlion view
Movenpick Heritage Sentosa Hotel is located just beside the merlion attraction..

The Merlion

My strong Man~~~
Okay though I always mentioned this 
but he really the one..

Thanks Hubb for the efforts and everything...
I really enjoyed myself alot !
more like tai tai liao la..
without him
I really dunno how to live without him..
I dun say for the sake of saying but from the bottom of my heart..

All about me, myself and I
it's my birthday so hubb had no reason to angry or vent his anger on mi
even when he had to carry those heavy luggage 
even when he had to do the check - in
even he had tons and tons of things to worry about 
he still have to do what I wan!
I mean take photos for mi la... 

Movenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa
23 Beach View Sentosa

As we can only check in after 2pm, we headed straight to Universal Studio..

Universal Studio Singapore

Thanks to Hubb for booking the wrong date for the hotel.. As our 1 year annual pass for USS ended 26th July'14 hence suppose to check in hotel on 26th July'14 but hubb booked 27th July'14 instead.. 
So we get kinda of worry tat we had to go Sentosa for 2 days straight..
Really wanna thanks Universal Studio Singapore for extending one more day for us..
To make our birthday a better and memorable one..

Lunch at Goldilocks Fried Chicken

My personal preference ~ Dun really like it..

****Feeling young****


Hubb been saying wanna try all places of churros 
so even just 1 stick for S$4.00 was kinda of expensive, I still bought it for him..

hmm... dun recommend this at all..
soft and no taste

Finally it's time to check in lo..


Went back to hotel to check in before we went back to USS again later...


Our room for the night!

Photos around the spacious room! Too big to be true!

The bed was fantastic! 
Love the room
Love the bed (height and firmest is prefect, at least my hubb love it)
Love the bathroom ( love the way that bath tub, shower room and toilet is separate) 

Love the room full of mirror!!!

Prefect for taking photos...

Hotel also provide TWG tea bag and also espressos capsule..

__Model of the day__

Mi~~~ uh no!

Simply love this shot though unable to see my face clearly..

Our hotel view..

Back at Uss

Wanna get hold of Despicable Me minions as only three time slot
Hubb decided to be kiasu...

Standing first on line in queue just for me..

We managed to take a picture with them..

When Evac said ' you may ride with us anytime!'
mu hubb shocked mi with~~~
"Bullshit... where got anytime... We need to queue for 75 min to ride you again!'
I was like "Shhhhh..." so paiseh!

Hate the crowd to the max especially long weekend
(shake head! 28th July is hubb's birthday but it's also Hari Raya Puasa )

In the end
we only manage to take 2 rides - Transformer and Jurassic park
and it took us almost the whole day for queuing!

Feeling so shag and tired plus a little bit of headache
after all the long long wait!

Kinda sad!
Been a year 
but I still haven't get to take photo with u ~ Shrek!

Sorry for the messy-ness!
still wanna post this with Shrek castle 
Bye Shrek 
 I will soon be back!

Despicable Me myself and Hubb 


Just being stupid and crazy


It's Halloween soon to be!

' Dear USS/RWS, do you wanna hire my hubb to cast instead... I think he can do a good job'

Birthday treat Popcorn by USS

To our surprise, popcorn tasted nice n yummy! OR is it becoz it's free?

This also ended our day with Universal Studio.
Thanks USS for being a great host 
Too bad.. there isn't a great discount for renewal so we shall return in hmmm 2 years later!

Dinner at Coca restaurant

Nothing special if compared with Jpot 
I still prefer Jpot lo..

I dun like the idea of them putting the pre-prepare soup base and the sauces on table before the next guest..
but the food indeed serve fresh especially the meat are all covered with foodwrap
oh ya.. 
though hubb dun eat it and I dun eat much
the couples beside us really ate alot of the prawns, I bet the prawns are super good and fresh ba!

Hubb surprised mi once again
Yes I almost gave him heart attack too..!

Hubb surprised right after my shower so no choice have to take photo with wet hair
still appreciate his effort~~~
by stopping mi to request cake from the hotel (haa, coz he already requested it without letting mi noe)
by rushing mi to bath etc...

Hubb preparing water for mi to soak my tired feet
even massage for mi

he dun just do it because it my birthday
he just do it whenever I need it ( I need it almost everyday~wahaha)

Fatty legs!
but I dun care!

Everyone of you can have loving caring bf/husband
everyone can have bf/husband to buy stuffs or even expensive stuffs for them
where to find guys/men who is willing to 随传随到! who is willing to help his wife to massage even he himself is tired.. who is willing to wash his wife feet even his feet were tired too..

I found mine...

He always there for mi, giving his berry best..!
Though we always quarrel, argue or even bu suan pek cek with one another
but with all this
our relationship get even stronger each time!

I love you!

My birthday wish is~~~
mi n hub will always 恩恩爱爱 , 永远幸福快乐!

Our birthday prezzies from Universal Studios

When the clock strike 12, my 28th jiu ended
AND then
 it's my hubb birthday liao..

My poor sicky hubb 
he fell sick after 1 whole day of hardwork
from carry luggage, den USS den planning my birthday surprises den helping massages 
he finally breakdown!
What a birthday for him...!

Happy birthday Hubb..
Thank for giving your best till you fallen sick 

our night jiu ended

Morning view from our room~~~ door

And hubb's birthday just beginning..

Breakfast time!
We reserved our seats upon check-in.. S$50++ for 2, why not!
Nv regret it at all, kinda of love the spread alot!

PhotoSSSS Overloaded

I love Hotel breakfast!

Not sure why I gave that look!
But I'm sure that croissant is super nice la..

A nice shot over here!

It's exercise time!
Especially with such a beautiful pool, never go swim really dui bu qi zi ji!
so we went back to our room to change to our swimsuit!

But first,
let me give you guys some flashbacks tour!

Hubb will not allow mi to bring my camera nor my phone
so must take as photos as I could before we went back to change..

I noe I look kinda weird over here
I really love this photo!

There's green, there's blue, there's ME!!!

Our stayaction at Movenpick Heritage Sentosa Hotel ended..
It was a relaxing and wonderful stay..
I love it..

Will definitely be back though wun be so soon ba!

Making use of the mirror for the last time before heading to check-out!

When hubb went to check out~~ ME!

Selfies time!

Birthday gift from Movenpick Heritage Sentosa Hotel
Thank you!

though it's my hubb birthday 
he choose to bring mi to The Queen & Mangosteen, the one he been wanna bring mi liao!

because it's his birthday!

Grapefruit juice - S$8.00

Snapper Fish & Chips - S$24.00

Skinny Truffle Fries - S$8.00

Crispy Wings with hot sauce - S$14.00

Food overloaded

I love the food here and I noe Hubb too..

As I say, it's hubb birthday..
so no matter how slow he ate his wing (he using his phone throughout the lunch humpz)
I still cannot CANNOT say him!

After lunch, we went shopping(walking round and round) 
before we stepped it Max Brenner Chocolate bar..

so many I wanna order lor but I'm really too full to order any..

Of course
Churros time!

All for my hubb even I dun really like it..

But this is really good..
so much better than the 1 we had in USS.. at least my hubb love it!

And it's time for Home Sweet Home!

Coz both of us are super doper Tired.....

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