Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy 28th birthday to ME!

Happy 28th birthday to ME!

It's my hubb birthday too..!
Oh ya..
we are just a day apart
and YES
I'm 1 day older than him..
but who cares when I look much younger than him... (whoopz! =.=" )
Just wanna post something for my birthday for myself
I just realised I had tons of posts waiting for mi man!
I will worked harder.. I promise!
I'm blessed to have an amazing hubb, wonderful family and great friends..
 I really wanna say Thank you!

First of all,
I wanna thanks my Hubb (okay I should thanks him first... no matter what)
"Thanks Hubb for being the ONE..
The one and only one...
 the one who cares for mi more than anything..
the one who will massage my feet even he himself is tired..
the one who willing to risk his life for mi... 
the one who love mi more than anyone out there..
the one who provide mi with the shelter, the home that I been hoping and dreaming for..
The one who make mi feel princess, hold mi like princess, love mi like princess, dote mi like princess..
Thanks for everything, Thank for the efforts.. Thanks for the Love..
I love the stay at Movenpick Heritage Sentosa Hotel.
Thanks for making it happen once again..
I love you! "

My daddy, my family, my in laws
" Thank Daddy for bringing mi up to who I am today.. Without you, there will no be mi..
Today I have Kevin in my life
I will never forget your love for mi.. I love you.. "

" Of course.. A big thanks to my family and in-laws too.. my brothers, my xiaogu and gu zhang, my sweetheart cousin and biaoge..
Thanks for being a part of mi!"

My Diana Ai Ai
" Thank for being my Ai..
We always argue, quarrel, pick on one another, We dun hang out often like we use to be..
 I wanna let you know that from the bottom of my heart, you mean a lot to me..
One more thing if you are reading this ~Dun get too bother about mi getting close with my girlies
I love all of you! "

My girlies love
❤Bettina ❤ Catherine ❤ Eileen ❤
"Thanks for being another part of mi, another part of my life..
Really grateful to get to know you girls.
 (okay.. I already had to admit it!)
Though I'm older than you girls but thanks for influencing mi with quite a lot of stuffs especially (omg) HELLO KITTY..
I didn't know I'm such craze over it till I met you all...
Just can't imagine our work life is without you girls...

Lastly ...
Thank you to all of those who have/will show me all the love on my Born Day.. I am blessed and most definitely grateful to see another day, another year, and another opportunity to continue to stay on the right track in my life! 
And of course
Thank you for all the birthday wishes from everyone who noticed my name on the upper right corner of your facebook page..
You guys play a part of my life too..


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