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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Worse Encounter Ever ~ Vanilla Bar & Café

On the berry day
I encounter the worse in my life at Vanilla Bar & Café with my colleagues..

This berry day
 when we decided not to eat at coffee shop or hawker food..
my colleague intro us to this café as he remembered the last time he tried here was super good
(tat was 3 years ago~~~)

 This café is located at 3 Boon Tat Street #01-01

Please, unless you want to fall sick, don't even bother visiting this place.

So ...
we decided to have our lunch here, and when we arrived, it was still pretty empty..

Frankly speaking
First impression was not too bad…
Atmosphere is good! 
Menu looks good too…!

We were still saying 'see who farewell or welcome lunch can come here liao'
Service sucks! Food sucks! Hygiene even worse!

Not even worth 1 star or even a A …

We ordered a spam fries, garlic prawn pasta n rib eye steak…

Pardon mi… 
Too hungry till we eat halfway den i rem to take photo…

This fried luncheon meat cost about S$12 n we waited half an hr for this!

The worse has yet to mention!
(Shake head)

After another half an hr… when we finished the spam fried…
Here's the garlic prawn pasta!
from the photos u can see how over-cooked it is! 

Aglio olio is supposed to be cooked al dente but here was thick and soggy!

Even pasta mania tastes so better than here!
(I'm not a pasta mania fan but… haiz)

Aiya I juz realized never took photo of the half medium rare n half rare rib eye steak…
My colleague ordered medium cooked And we waited an hr for it to be cooked leh… Still...

Worse part comingggggg!

Jus a feeling asking mi to look into my cup…
Jus happen I saw a few black stuffs in my cup
And there's a strand of hair in my colleague cup…
Of course we informed the staff (who looks like the manager as he wasn't wearing uniform like the rest), he simply shrugged us off and told us it was juz lemon…

U think we stupid or wat… 
Tat fine ~ juz when we expected a apology from him, he took the cups and poured the water away right in front of our eyes… 

I clapped for u!

When we were settling the bill, we were standing over the counter, and peered into one the serving pitch, we were just appalling at what we saw!!!
A bunch of hair with dust (those kinds found in VACCUM Cleaner) sitting at the bottom of the pitcher!
What the hell!
This guy shrugged us off when we informed him…

You know wat~
Sometime a simple apology does everything!

Seeing this made me fell so sick in my stomach.. 
Just can't imagine how they handle the food and drink till those hair/dust can be even in the pitcher!

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