Friday, August 8, 2014

Just a quickie update!

It's the month of Aug… 4 more months to go for #lovewithyinandloh ! How excited lor... Have super lots of stuffs to prepare...

Been so freaking tired due to super pack July… Couldn't help much coz it's my BIRTHDAY month… kinda of super pack with meet up…

Plus tons and tons of stupid stuffs been happening in my office ~ okay sub company n somehow I'm kanna drag in the picture! Plus I kanna say fierce.. Where the hell do I look fierce! Just becoz I dun talk or jio for lunch..
Juz can't stand it… somehow like shit stirrer ~ hate it… worse is we actually trusted her so much!

Understand that this kind of person is everywhere.. but this is kind is way up level lor... Talking to her now, is like making mi hair stand.. Maybe I'm not that of person, obviously I dun like you but  will still smile and happily talk to you..  THIS IS TOO IRRITATING... yuck! This make mi think of someone (snake)! Gosh!

So much of her! Shoo!

Some happy stuffs here... Wooo..!

Yeah.. finally received my wedding invitation from Hotel.. will soon send for printing.. How exciting right!

Oh ya..
And SurprisingMyLove's candy bar is finally up.. first candy bar will be in Nov..! Though it's hubb's friend plus we will be sponsor~ing her baby girl..

Yeah..! Hippie hippie!


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