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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Countdown 9 more days to see my bendan liao...
been missing him so much
already pass 6 day liao
yesterday waited for my bendan to call
i even bring my phone with mi to toilet lor
but he still didn't call
till i already fall aslp den he call
i chat with him till berry blur last nite
of coZ
but i noe wat we talk abt la
i'm reali happy tat he told mi he missing mi alot
i oso lor
been countdowning to 6Feb lor
lucky before u went there i go develop some photo for u
dun worry la
another 9 more days to go though time pass abit too slow for mi la
i noe i can manage it de
yesteraday went shopping at bugis with my cousin
i bought 3 skirts
which i tink yr mummy dun like it
but i like lea
later today going city plaza with lijuan
gonna spend money again
tis month i reali spend alot lor
next month reali gonna save up liao
if not reali eat grass lor
say wanna save money till now not even a cent haiz...
pass few days been berry busy with my work
gonna finish up all my stuff before i pass down my work
my last day working here will be on 20th feb
yesterday i pass my resignation letter to my Exec but was reject from her
asking mi to tink abt it first
i'm noe i'm bad
she been so good to mi yet i juz go off like tat...
i'm reali sorry
but i gonna tink of my future first mar
I juz had my lunch
rite now super doper sleepy
juz gonna doze off liao
wat time will my bendan call again tonight.....

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