Monday, May 2, 2016

[Korea] Loveland Jeju

Jeju Love Land is a place where the imagination can run wild.. I like this.. Hahaha.. 
It was Hubb insisted of coming here, I'm glad I agree with him.. 

Jejuloveland is located just 10 minutes from Jeju Internation airport which is why we came here on our berry first day! 
Definitely worth coming here!! 
Hearsay Jeju Loveland is one of the few tourist attractions that can be enjoyed at night!
Although I never visit here at night, I still think I will prefer to come here in the day as the photos capture will be much better ba!! 
One of my favorite photos capture by our local tour guide!
 Hubb totally fall in love here! =.="

Hmm! What's this?
*Trying to act pure* 

Indoor exhibition ~ Miniatures gallery
Every detail is so real! There's story behind every miniatures..
There's more than this lah.. 
Back to the outdoor, one of the thing I dun like being with tour guide is we have to rush everywhere we go even with personal tour guide.. 

My one and ONLY
Thank you fulfilling our dream.. Saranghaeyo Oppa❤
Kinda shy seeing all this sculptures!
More like I'm the one enjoying myself!

Look closely!! loll
Hello Hello!! Respect yi xia lei!! I'm still around lei...!!
*Roll eyes*

My turn lo!!

 2 photos
Oppz... Hubb is looking!! 


 As the only sexual theme park in Korea, Jeju loveland is a place where sexually oriented art and eroticism meet. Jejuloveland breaks the traditional taboos surronding sex, and is a place where visitor can appreciate the natutal beauty of sexuality.

My personal view: It's definitely worth to go there even just for instagram worthy photos..
If I were to choose Teddy Bear museum (will update the post at the earliest... I promise!!!) or Loveland, I will choose Loveland!! **sorry Teddy bearsssssss, I do love all of you!!**

Admission price: 9000won  (only 18 years and above are allow in the park) 
Operating hours: 9am to midnight ( ticket sales till 11pm)

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