Saturday, April 30, 2016

[Korea] What I eat in Jeju?

Trying out a different kinds of post and I hope I can managed it..
Yeah.. I bet I need to speed up a little bit cause my next trip to Bangkok is coming!! Yeahhh..

Well, I shall start with Jeju must eat food!! 

1. Jeju Black Pork ~ Jeju NeulBom 
Address: 2343-3 Nohyeong-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea
One of the Jeju's famous food

Number 1 in my (even Hubb love this...!)
Meltsss!! This is the best bbq I have eaten throughout the whole trip.. It even better than what we eat in Singapore..  
MUST ORDER ~ Original Black pork belly and Marinated Black pork
I still prefer the side dishes we have in SG but the one we ate in Korea (especially Jeju..) are more atas types even the kimchi soup is one of the side too!... Did I mentioned I love their Kimchi!!!
A pity that I dun understand and read Korea hence not possible to list down the address and so on.. 
But I have a great Hubb who took the name card so that I'm able to snap and post.. Thank you Hubb..
You definitely have to try!!
Price: 51000 won for 3 paxs (eq to S$60.00)
2. O'sulloc tea Museum 

I must admit that I'm a super fan of Starbucks green tea latte! But well, I have to admit that the green tea latte here at O'sulloc changes everything.. 

Green tea Latte and Green tea roll cake
*Hate it so much that we are still so full from the black pork feast (black pork didn't fail us, is our stomach fail us!!) 
Price: Green tea latte - 6000 won and Green tea roll cake - 5000 won

3. Seafood food, abalone porridge and Grilled fish
Hear say it is a must to try all this. Special thanks to our local tour guide for such a recommendation. 
We love it so much! 
Abit pity that we lost the namecard of the restaurant even the receipt went missing!! 
 Clever mi... Da-dang!!

Seafood soup is DA BOMB!! 
Unlimited flow of LA LA(not like it refillable lah!!) and 3-4 fresh abalones!! Where to find this in SG!! AND it still fresh from the sea! OMGosh!!! Plus... Hubb(he is allergy to prawn, shellfish etc.....) can even eat this together with mi..
Super miss this!! 
 Price: 51000 won for 3paxs 

4. Spam kimchi sandwich
This is way too good and I'm actually feeling super sad when I didn't managed to find it in any of the marts and even supermarkets!! 
 Feeling satisfied when I decided to get it at the first sight at one of the 7-11 in Gimpo airport while waiting to board the plane to Jeju.. 
First time ever, thank you for the delay flight!!

5. Tous Le Jours Bakery 

 I must say it had the most yummy bread in Korea.. Even better den Paris Baguette.. No Joke! 

6. Hallabong Orange 
Similar to our mandarin orange or is it the same..?  
But I must say our mandarin orange taste much sweeter and nicer.. 
Since we were told that this is one of Jeju famous food, we decided to buy 1 to try.. In the end we bought 3 just to save 1000 won and I did regretted it..
1 for 2000won
3 for 5000won

 Hearsay, the bigger the hump is the better the hallabong! 
I must say ~~~~~~~~~ Bluff ppl de.. 
Cause it all depends on your luck.. 
Only 1 out of 3 is sweet, consider LUCKY!!  
still I will still recommend to at least try once, maybe you are feeling lucky, just buy 1 will do.. :p

7. MUST BUY ~ Chocolates
Hallabong chocolate and Cactus chocolate and Green tea chocolate have berry good feedback from our family and friends.. 

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