Wednesday, April 13, 2016

[Korea]My First Korea Trip, My first AirBNB stay

Finally I blogged about all my stays in this Korea Trip.. ~~ Jumping!! 
(Okay hope my neighbor wun come up knock on my door!! Shhhh.. dun tell anyone...!)

The (Airbnb) experience is actually berry fresh and exciting; I must say Hubb and I were kinda worried at the berry first beginning and been hesitated where to book hotel or Airbnb.. Finally I managed to brain-wash Hubb for using Airbnb for Seoul stay and Hotel for Jeju stay..

Hmm.. so before u start reading, here S$28 free credit for your coming trip (I hate it so much that I totally never sign up for this credit at all!! Oh well.. at least I wun feel so pain and disappointed and wasted if I had used the S$28.00 credit)

Our berry first night in Seoul, our berry first airbnb with Ian and Leona and we stay here!
Prefect location, just opp Gimpo airport and Lottemart and Lottemall..

Berry pleasant and friendly couple who fetched us from Gimpo airport to their apartment.
Really appreciate their help in Seoul and make our trip to Jeju a berry successful one..
We actually changed our flight to the earliest timing(super thanks to my brother's help.. muackz!!)
Ian was able to meet us at the subway just to pick us up to his apartment even though we just stayed for a night.. Heard that they will stop airbnb around Gimpo area due to personal commitment.. Kinda wasted as they are really a berry good host...

We stay 2 nights in Jeju and I simply love Jeju so much.. Will try to speed up my blogging speed.. Envy those bloggers who can blog and travel at the same time cause for mi, I'm always tired after a long day and simply not possible to on my lappy.. Maybe that's why my Hubb objected mi from bringing the lappy overseas.. hahaha since it's always HIM who carry it.. Okay I know..

Our Hotel stay for 2 nights in Jeju ~ Jeju Ocean Palace Hotel
Due to our tours in the day, we arrived at the hotel late hence we was given an upgraded room... Love the room and the bed so much!! Will definitely book this hotel again when I'm travelling to Jeju again which I dunno when liao la..

We booked from Yong from Airbnb, I believe he has many other apartments in the same building..
Okay, the minute we step in the room, Hubb and I had the feeling of from Heaven to Earth...
Totally different feeling!! I miss Jeju already!
The whole room isn't that bad just that the bed (the most important part when you went for HOLIDAY), not sure how to explain it, I can say that the bed is the worst bed I ever HAD.. 
I wonder how airbnb host got their superhost till the berry last day den I understand.. Host will tell u to give a 5 stars rating with review upon check out and say will give us a 5 stars rating back... Back then, we didn't think much so I agree with him even though we didn't enjoy our stay at all BUT indeed he helped us alot.. 
One thing I like about this host ~ Berry helpful in booking our tour bus and admission ticket package to Everland and offered to order fried chicken delivery late night to our apartment..
One thing I dun like about ~ Safety! I dun like the idea of just pressing the password on the door. It kind unsafe if happen anyone walk past while u pressing the door, they may had see it.. Oh forget to mention, this apartment is just opposite the lift and exit door.. See!!

It wasn't the room that make mi turn off, is their recycle scheme that turn mi off, that make mi feel that I wanna stay HOTEL next time.. 
 We need to bring all sort of recycle stuffs all the way the B3( the carpark got those murderer movie feel.. hahaha!), 
This still was fine until~~~~ Let mi ask you, what is the different between food trash and normal trash?
Chicken bones is consider food trash or normal trash!! 
Okay I admit, Maybe is due to culture shock ba.. 
But I still think that not all countries are suitable for airbnb.. At least I heard Australia is a good place for Airbnb.. 
Overall, I still prefer staying in hotel,  you pay a little more and you get all the services you wan, especially safety..
Well, it still a berry good experience after all..!

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