Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Taiwan ~ Day 1 ~ Taichung* Beacon Hotel

Well... It's been almost 5 month or so 
So sorry as it really a long long week for mi
family issue, friends issue, work issue, health issue!
Really lucky tat I had Kinohimitsu!

It really not easy to blog so far behind...  Pardon mi with blurry info...!

Can see how excited we are from our happy face!
10 days Free and easy in Taiwan planned by Hubb and Mi
Above is my Xiaogu and Hubb
my xiaogu join us for this Taiwan trip alone (ok, not advisable)
Below my brother-in-law and GF

 Wondering y 3 photos of them straight right!!
Did you realized that they are getting fairer?
we trying to get the right lighting to capture but
See below and you will realized that how fair/tan we are

Our flight is at 0055 am departed from T2
yes we are taking +FlyScoot
Thank for the promotion, our tickets for each was S$263.96..!
Pls Scoot ~ pls have more promos so I can fly more, whoopz! Thanks Hubb
We touched down to Taoyuan Int'l Airport T1 at 0540am
All looking good!
Especially Mi, as I didn't get to sleep on the plane..
Missing Hubb as he helped mi took photos
somehow he love my pinkie!

Yes... I'm holding the TWG bag with macaroon..
dunno since when, it became a must buy by Hubb when we fly...

Hungry us!
First thing we do when we reach Taiwan was FOOOOD! 
(ok, by right should buy a local sim card but as we are too early, the shop not yet open and if I'm not wrong, the shop open at 8am)
I love Seven (Taiwanese all pronounced 7-11 as Seven and we all like followed)
too bad T1 only have Hi-Life
better den nothing 
we whack it too!

This is my parents-in-laws
see how cute my FIL was!
pretty more of this later~~~ hohoho

We smelled food!
okay i mean COFFEE!

Yes the maggi mee!

After breakfast and dragging here and there
hubb went to buy the bus tickets at the terminal for us to travel to HSR Taoyuan Station..

To get to Taoyuan, simply purchase Ubus 705 bus tickets which cost NT30 per tickets..
You can even purchase bus tickets to others part of Taiwan but I can tell you, you wun love the long ride journey ba... at least for mi!

Oh ya, btw the bus terminal is just located at the same area as the tickets counters, you wun have to rush here and there...

The ride took about 15mins plus to reach Taoyuan station..

Clever hubb bought the HSR tkts online with 30% early bird discount
so we dun have to spend time queuing ..
(though haa, there isn't much queue as it still quite early)

Highly recommend***
Always check out or even book the tickets online first to avoid long waiting time..

First time took train from Taoyuan
来take photos take photo!



We took a cabbie to Beacon Hotel
407 台中市西屯區福星路427號 │ 7-9F, No. 427 Fu Hsing Rd., Taichung City,Taiwan
I can say this is a nice and great hotel with a berry good location!
I love the hotel room, the bed 
I can say I love the whole stay at Beacon hotel
Room ❤❤❤❤❤
Breakfast ❤❤❤❤
Location ❤❤❤❤❤

we booked a driver (李先生 - 0931434158) to bring us to Sun Moon Lake 
as we know we will be berry early and we could not check in hotel yet
he surprised us with a old 7 seaters van 
kinda disappointed 
but I like his extra miles service!
Scroll down for details 

the weather wasn't doing any good
kinda sad and messy
My dearest hubb who kept busying recording the expenses, calculation 
love u deep deep
Really really!
Thumbs up!
(sometimes have to be flexible abit la...)

 Lunch at SML 
Second stop of SML ferry rides
make sure u dun try this
cause this is the worse Taiwan food I ever ate...
They will pass u 4 kinds of menus as shown below!!
The rice is good 
yes just the rice, only the rice!

The most oily but bland soup
it super doper oily with no taste!
How great!

In the end
I had to buy the stuffed chicken wing, tasted so much better than the lunch lor..

Lots of ppl queuing for the prawn
lucky mi
i just wanna eat the wings!

Hubb posed just for mi
Feeling love with him around


End of Sun Moon Lake Journey!
Kinda wu liao
as this is my second time here
frankly speaking
1 time is enough (just for Mi)

Pardon my hubb
He just getting out of hand (my hand)

Thank for the day driver
He bought us to 车程站
was told that this 火车站 no longer in use...

A place we never hear before 
A place where we have a chance to go if we dunno
A place where mainly locals 
A place out of the city!

My crazy FIL
who posed for mi to take photos every now and then..

I fall in love with here

Okay I admit that I wasn't a fan of Lavender
I used to find it smelly and I dun like it
I dislike the smell of the soap, tea, cream.... etc...
but somehow 
I love the original Lavender by itself
I mean the plant by itself
my next love

All photos taken by my hubb, who kept saying he was so artistic 
Do he?
I love it can liao... 

a saying like father like son
both of them posed acting they wanna eat the sand salt when I wanna took a photo
they never discuss about it 
this just happen!


❤❤Group photos❤❤

Special Thanks to 李先生
Thanks for bringing us here..
Thanks for going the extra miles..

but it's time to change yr car/van..

Seem like only I can balance myself on the track

Overall experience at 车程站 was fantastic 
It really worth going!
for the fresh air
for the view
for mountains
for the green 
for the experience

Finally back at hotel, check in before we headed to Fengjia night market
hubb dun allow mi to pinkie down so didn't get to snap photos of the Fengjia night market!

Here the room interior!
Just how I love the room and fluffy beds

View from the hotel room
 that Fengjia night market!


Goodnight peeps!
Taiwan Day 2 coming up real soon...

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