Friday, October 31, 2014

Wedding Negative Thought

To Me
Wedding is all about both families tying a lovely knots..!
Wedding should be happy exciting occasion involving all yr closest family and friends...
but there's always someone something for u to get piss and upset off.. 

1) Sisters/Bridesmaid
It really not easy to get (okay, ask!) the correct person to be one of your sister.. Should you get someone you are once close?? or Should you get someone you are close now?? or should you get someone who can help you?? or should you get someone who just wanna be sister for the sake of being your sister...?
What is the definition of SISTER/Bridesmaid? What should they do and help or just waiting to get the gatecrash hongbao? Can someone enlighten mi please!!

From the mom website :
"When you started planning your wedding, you couldn't imagine doing it without her. She's that friend you've know forever, and while you haven't always seen eye to eye and have gone stretches of time without speaking to each other, you're blissed out on love and you want her to be part of that. Until the actual planning gets under way, that is. "

WOW...! But not to this extend, I shall 'fired' any of my brides la... Just this describe my thinking now...!
To mi, bridesmaids are suppose to be helpful, at least to help out the bride to get all things done and ready for the big day.. and seem like all are waiting for hongbao only...
Not that I'm saying my sisters are bad, no good... just that this is not what I believe it should be...and it seem like I had to beg and beg, beg on almost everything... They were excited when I asked them to be one of my sisters but when date are approaching.. Not as if I have a dozen of sisters leh... Just 5 of them and I started to have the feeling that they dun really wanna get participated .
I'm really getting discouraged. I even getting a gift for each of them which I still asking myself, why should I?  Argh! If only!
AS for brothers, personally I think guys are more easy and straight forward and plus a bit of helpful and auto ba... (at least I dun hear any complain from Hubb, just the car issue that bother mi a little bits)

2) Wedding Invite
It is all about Yes or No and NO MAYBE....
For those who haven't hold yr banquet will never know how important it is for u to reply the newly weds.. while u are checking with who going who's not or 'oh ya... forget forgot' ... (wth!! this oso can forget...) newly weds are also waiting for ur reply... beside waiting, they have to plan their seating arrangement, wedding card and so on... It really important to revert at the earliest...
Hubb done up a goggle invite, but but but.... we supposed to have 30+ replied on address de (for friends only la..) but less than half reply and this half oso kept being requested by us... Hello... I dun see tat hard just to click and fill in the details leh... We are making tons and tons of efforts to make our big day special and meaningful.. but all this are really getting us discouraged...

3) Table Arrangement
Guest favourite questions ~ "Who else you invited", "I dun wan to sit with him/her", "Can put mi sit with him/her", "I sit with who ar"..
Hello... It's my wedding not yrs...! Wait till yours den you arrange la... Wah piang!
Next is how you going to arrange it... by the group of peeps they know, what if they are common friends from 2 different groups.
Sometime, I wish I could have a free seating style but what kinds of disasters gonna happen leh! You never know.....

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