Saturday, November 8, 2014

Eighteen Chefs

Finally get to eat Eighteen Chef at Amk Hub...
Great experience and definitely gonna go back someday...

I ordered~~~ something I wun usually order for myself!

Tom Yam Seafood Aglio Olio - S$13.80

Hubb Ordered (below, look look) and he simply love it.. Or maybe we too long never eat this style!
*Blink Blink*

Aglio Olio with Half Spring Chicken - S$13.80

The feast on a Sunday afternoon is so~~~ooo unforgettable...
Read a lot about the super long queue!

We are so lucky that there isn't queue when we reached at around 1plus..
Lucky US ya!!!

Always say mi kaypoh~ing ppl(like what they eat and do and so on~~~)
See la... who is doing it?
Gonna kanna from Hubb big big this time liao lo... Whoopz!

Kanna Caught ya...!

In a just woke up face! Gosh!

Overall, we both love the food and will be back soon!
Still wanna try their Breakfast anytime (OMG!!!!) and also the Heart Attack fried rice series and also the sweet treats...

Head down to Eighteen Chefs today, okay NOW...

Like helping to advertising hor... but big NONO la... The food is really good and worth trying it...

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