Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Universal Studio Singapore date with girlies

==Late post ~ 06/09/2014==

Here I am once again at Universal Studio Singapore ❤❤❤
4 -5 times already (just this year =.=")
but with different peeps!
This time with my lovies girlies and partners..

Met for breakie at Vivocity
Supposed to be triple date without my minmin but cat's hubb. was sick, down with slight stomach flu so cat jio minmin instead!!

WE really enjoy ourselves...
First time from 9am to 9pm at USS..
12 hours of craziness!!

Journey started with stroll walk from Vivocity to Sentosa!
WE realised it's free admission during weekend... so yeah! to this impromptu walk...!
**pardon mi for the blurness of photos as hubb dun let mi bring my pinkie to USS coz he scare will rain!! Not a single drop lor!!!** Dunno to thanks him or scold mi sia...! But I love him la... *v*

AS our tickets are free!
we got ourselves the express tickets (once per ride) for S$50.00..!

Please note that the price of the express ticket is not fixed ~ they depend n season and crowd!

Even gonna queue up to take photo with the fake Minion

Fun peeps!

Please dun ask mi why I open my mouth so big!!! (shake head... tsk tsk!)

We also got to see all the Halloween deco first!!

Peers pressure is really powerful!!
Mi actually took the mummy ride again ~ Can't believe it!
Got shock once again!

Never gonna take it anymore!
Vomit***** Omg!

Hubb joined my two girlies, bett and cat for 6 times of Mummy rides
yes, they are crazy!!!

Mi and minmin  with the 'WOW"

Really blessed to know my girlies!
You girlies rocks! (except for the peers pressure of taking the rides =.=")

Happy hubb!
Though we had annual pass, he never once took so many rides in a day
especially 6 time Mummy ride, 3 times transformer, and I even play the Jurassic Park with him lor!

Glad he enjoyed himself with my peeps..

Ended the day with firework
Dinner at the Malaysia food street!

Had a super wonderful and tiring day!
All of us had aching feet and body but we enjoyed ourselves..
Will definitely organise another day like this..!

Love you people!

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