Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Wake mi up when September End ❤❤❤

Goodbye August, Hello September..!
Time flies fast, and indeed, please flies faster..
Please please please..!
Been spending lots of monies like we are printing monies machines..
Imagine I spend about S$300++ at last Watson sales (all are need not wants leh :( ...), and we also purchased our honeymoon trip to Europe tat cost us about S$7k..
We still have our banquet to go leh..
Already made promise with hubby that I wun anyhow spend $$$ till end of our trip!
(ehh...! hmmm... just order 1 winter boot and neck rest for Europe trip from taobao.. :p and I still have gloves to buy too..! Can monies drop from sky for mi plssssss)

Things to look forward for, especially this month... :)

First week of Sept =)
Universal Studio Singapore....
YES.. You hear mi right..!  I am going to USS again...
This time with my girlies and their partners.. :)
Thanks to Daryll for the complimentary tickets (okay, thanks for giving it up for us... You are the best!)
Looking forward to our first TRIPLE date... ❤❤❤


Yin and Loh family dinner..
of coz is to discuss our big day! Discussion sound soooo OMG...!
But yes.. Chinese customary wedding cannot play play de.. Tons and tons of stuffs to agree between both families.. 
I hope everything will goes as smooth as I wanna it to be...

Second week of Sept *=*
11 Sept 2014
Our 9th year anniversary!
Envy bo..!
Been through the legendary 七年之痒 moving toward 长长久久...

Bought hubb a canon printer supposly os for our wedding de la.. but i sound it as birthday cum anniversary present!
Omg.. am i berry smart!! 
hubb gonna love mi more...❤️❤️
Wondering wat hubb bought mi rite!!
"nothing lo..."
how can it be.. 
I also got a fuijflim instax printer n (smiling) a AX watch...!
okay save save save..
so not going to ask hubb for any gifts le!! (sobbing)

Planning to go JB.. Gonna check for printing invitation card price.. 
Getting real busy... stay tune too!

Oh ya...
Kinohimitsu,where are u? I'm waiting for you..
waiting for my second batch of kinohimitsu collagen 5300, d'tox juice and newly added for mi UV drink... 
Can't wait to receive it!!!
Cheers to UV protection...! 

so many many kinds of drinks...! which one have you try...?
of coz this is not mine... this was placed on the table on the berry first visit to their office with the beautician..
I was so excited when I saw this..
Goodnight Peepz!
I promise to sleep early de..!

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