Sunday, October 30, 2016

31 + 3 weeks

Hello Jiselle,


Feeling excited each day and week had passed.. I can constantly feel your movement almost every day and night and the movement seem to be getting stronger and stronger. It getting REAL.. I really love feeling you..
Sometimes I think I gonna miss the feeling of you inside me...

Previously on 29 weeks
Total weight mummy gain ~ 6.9Kg
BB weigh ~ 1,316g

Mummy is super happy that you are growing well and getting all the nutrition mummy ate..
Total weight mummy gain ~ 6.8kg
Current BB weigh ~ 1.870g

Although Mummy is losing weight but as long as you are growing well, Mummy is fine and happy... By the way, not like I dun eat nor I have no appetite, just that I DUN EAT FOR TWO!! We are not supposed to eat for TWO anyway! Anyway as gynae mentioned ~~~ mummy got reserved weight for BB.. Whoopz!
Right now, Mummy still have to watch her diet to make sure you can grow even better.. Let's work hard together ya..

Over the weekend

Mummy ate way lots of food!
Last Friday, Mummy ate baked macaroni from Old Town coffee which tasted awful so she had ICED decaf latte from Starbucks to balance it before Daddy and Mummy went up to see you ~ (Did you remember how active you are when doctor scan mummy's stomach to see you...!! You are turning round just as if you are dancing!! Such a cutie!!..)
After that, Daddy and Mummy went to source for maid agency, hoping to settle it by that day but no hope.. Mummy is getting crazy and up her nerve already.. Lucky we have your Daddy.. Love you Daddy..
After all the walking and sourcing, we went to queue for 45 mins just to buy 2pcs Baked cheese tart before we headed to eat Dim Sum(Yi Dian Xin @ Paragon) ~ your daddy favorite when we went HongKong the other time.. We both missed it a lot..

On Saturday, a berry busy day for us.. Mummy went all the way to Anchorvale for CNY fitting and Mummy bot 3 more dresses.. Gonna stop shopping for quite awhile liao ba.. Maybe shop for you...?
After that, we went up to your Biao Yi house before going for birthday party at D'resort..
Nice isn't it..!
You will have one of your own when you are ONE.. Mummy promise you that you definitely have a beautiful memorable full month dessert table ya!
Did you remember what Mummy ate? Curry chicken and Jelly O cheesetart lei! AND Thank god, Mummy skipped the cake..

On Sunday, another food trail day and I think we gonna eat light for the next few days okay... We had dry fishball Kway Teow for breakfast, Chongqing steamboat for lunch and Starbucks ICED decaf latte with Tai cheong Egg tarts for tea break and KFC for dinner.. SINFUL isn't.. Which one do you like most..!!?

 Did you realized Mummy been eating lots of tarts recently..? Never been a fan of egg tarts de.. Could it be you? Hmmm..!

Daddy and Mummy had started packing our hospital bag. We know it's kinda early but we dun wish to miss out anything especially your needs when you are out to see the world...

Mummy gonna start washing all your cute little clothing, hanky, feeding bottles and everything.. Daddy gonna start fixing your bed, 'yao lan' in our cozy nest...

9 more weeks to pop and yr daddy and mummy really can't wait to hold a beautiful girl in their arms..

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