Sunday, November 6, 2016

[Korea~Seoul] Ewha Womans University, Hongdae, Myeongdong area( Korean BBQ ~ Chungmugalbi)

Hot and spicy day ahead!! Hahaha
You will noe why after you had read finished my post..
Started off the day with a blackie plain  #OOTD

Tourist shots at Ewha Womans University
Hmm.. not sure what so special abt this.. 

Shopping started!
Kinda regretted for not getting the bags, it's so much cheaper compared to Myeongdong area..
Comparing the same kind of bag lah.. 

Got myself a new pair of sneakers.. Didn't intend to get it de but the store keeper was so friendly that I cannot bring myself to say NO.. 
My problem!

Randomly walked into this restuarant and our nightmare started!! I mean our hot and spicy day started!

 We totally didn't know that this is the killer paste from the famous super spicy maggi mee we had in SG!! OHmyGOSH.. AND this is 4-5 times of the paste and we mixed it all in!!!!!!!!
Imagine I can't take spicy food de, I totally surrender on this... I dunno how HUBB managed to swallow it together with mi..

But I believe he will never forget this dish, just like mi.. (could it be the reason why he dun like to eat army stew with mi anymore!!!...) 

I will definitely wun forget how we hide and try pouring ice water into the stew! Totally epic meal of this trip..
Another saying, isn't this the feel of travelling!! HAHAHA

Prefect dessert at Hongdae area!
At least to smooth our tummy, poor HUBB wasn't feeling that well after the lunch so we actually end our day early and didn't manage to shop at Hongdae.. Anyway we came at the wrong timing as we read online that Hongdae will be more happening at night and we reached slightly after lunch time so there's really nothing much for us to shop..

Went back to our room to rest our feet and tummy..
Can't wait to have a nice, warm dinner lor..
Not really that adventurous anymore!! hahaha So we decided on the 'wun go wrong dinner' - Korean BBQ..
This is also one the highly recommended by our airbnb host..
Chungmugalbi ~ I believe this should be the restaurant name lah!! Sorry if I'm wrong..

Definitely worth the penny here!!
Plus it's not that expensive too.. sorry I dunno remember the price already but I can assure you that it really not expensive, much cheaper den Haha's restaurant ..

I think I look quite shag here.. But I really love the dinner, in fact I missing it already..

Boss came out to help us take photo and asked us to cross opposite.. AT first I was wondering why, later Hubb told mi, coz it will be easier to direct ppl just stating opposite Tmark Hotel..
Good brain isn't it..
Give you a like!
GONG CHA ~ it freaking expensive lor..
It caused us 11000 won for 2 cups of milk tea... Yes just milk tea with pearl!!
Hubb and I was thinking to open 1 KOI in Korea lei.. 
should we start our planning!! LOLL

Ended our day with snacks~the chicken snack is super good and yummy!!

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