Tuesday, November 8, 2016

[Korea-Seoul] Dong Dae Mun, Nan Dae Mun, Myeongdong

Went to Dong Dae Mun and Nan Dae Mun on our last day last night in Korea, Seoul..
Didn't actually wanna come here at the first place lah, but cause my friend wanna get something from NanDaeMun, so we catered a day here for this 2 places since it just a walking distance away from one another..
A different kind of experience in Seoul lah..
We went to the morning market, and the toy market for an eye opening..
Due to last minute added itinerary, we didn't manage to google much on what to do and where to go.. Read about cheonggyecheon stream is a much visit but in the end we went to the wrong Cheonggyecheong stream..
Happily thought we are so great that we found it so fast and steady!!

Wanna rest our feet, so randomly step in this small shop at a corner to have a light snack..
Finally got to order the rice cake and fish cake soup lo..
yes, we didn't got the chance to try it anywhere, especially the famous Myeongdong one..

Except for the rice cake(which was a little spicy and hard ~ but I still like it lah..), we finished up everything especially the dumpling.. Hubb love it a lot...

Finally step into Nan Dae Mun, my legs are really killing mi..
We're not hungry but we just need to rest our legs and we need COFFEE...
Randomly find a café, grab a coffee and cheese waffle!
Surprisingly, the waffle was a da-bomb!!!!!! I almost wanna grab a second one but was stopped by Hubb!

Nothing much to shop at Nan Dae Mun, we purposely come here coz it just walking distance from Dong Dae Mun and my friend required mi to help buy stuffs here.. IF not I think I wun be here ba..
Okay no more next time!!

Back to apartment to rest, maybe due to last day in Korea liao, body and legs are not listening anymore!!
Oh well, cannot dun admit I'm getting old liao lor..

Again randomly hop in for Korea bbq just because of the bbq intestine but it really disappointing..
When can we randomly find yummy food lei!!

Since the night is still young, we decided to do walk to Myeongdong to find this Line café, all for Instagram Jeanrin.Yanling  ! Remember to say hi when you do

Found the Schneeballen(crack/smash biscuit) look alike along the train station, Hubb been wanting mi to try it.. I think he just wanna me to play with the mallet lah..
Oh ya, you need to use the mallet to smash your biscuits and it was so fun!

Surprisingly taste good!!
Paiseh... forget wat flavor I choose liao but I bet it should be chocolate lah.. My boring usual choice!!

Finally my last post for Korea trip liao..
Shall do up a summary post with all the link.. Okay I make it a fast one ya..
Look forward for my HongKong post too ya..

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