Tuesday, November 15, 2016

33 + 4 weeks ~ 7 more weeks to go

Hello Jiselle,

It's Mummy again!!
7 more weeks to go
Are you as excited as Mummy!!

Feeling your kick stronger each day.. Lucky mummy has reserve for you ya.. Although Mummy is getting more and more tired each day, especially when you kicked middle of the night and even on the move on the bus on the way to work but Mummy is feeling even more great when I feel your kick.. Definitely worth everything.. Dun worry about Mummy and continue your kicking..


Previously on 31 weeks
Total weight mummy gain ~ 6.8Kg
BB weigh ~ 1,870g

Right now 33 weeks
Total weight mummy gain ~ 7.5kg
Current BB weigh ~ 1.940g

Gynae praised Mummy that she doing berry well, maintain real good..

Let's continue to work harder and eat well together ya..


YES and Finally Daddy and Mummy confirmed our helper.. She called Sabiah auntie.. She will help Mummy to take care of the housework so Mummy can take care of you..

Mummy still feeling weird having a totally stranger at home staying with us but this really is the best arrangement for you...

Looking forward for your arrival lo..

6-7 more weeks to go hold you in my arm..

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