Saturday, November 26, 2016

Babymoon to HongKong with YIN family ~ DAY 1

Oh man.. Holiday withdrawal.. How ar??
Most importantly, I can't travel liao coz stepping into week 27 le.. (Current update: I'm in 33 weeks lo)

Just last month, mi together  with Hubb's family took a short break from our busy schedule, a short getaway to Hong Kong.
First time to Hong Kong for myself and Hubb's bro gf, dunno how donkey times for my mil liao lo..
Just dun understand why she love Hong Kong so much..
Not for mi lei..
No doubt the food is fantastic (I'm actually missing HK food), but it's simply way too expensive.. (Pardon my comparison with Bangkok.. :(  AND I super miss Taiwan and Bangkok so much..)
Shopping in HongKong isn't cheap..
Plus I realised the clothing are from Taobao and they are selling even more expensive den bugis street.
I must say it is really expensive to shop and dine in Hong Kong nowadays...
So this trip is more about eat and eat and eat! (YES!!!! No shopping loots!! OMG!)

Supposed to be 360 effect de.. :(
Waiting for my IT expert aka my Hubb to figure it on how to upload it to my blog..

 I must say my FIL has the most skillful selfies/wefies skills among us..
 Waiting for boarding!
My last 'can make it' photos till we check in toilet to wash up..
One of my headache when taking midnight flight!! But cannot simply skip my nightcare and put on make up ma..
SO act yi ge Taiwan mei yi xia lah..

Touched down!
First place we went ~ 7 Eleven in Hong Kong Airport
Super spoilt with choices!
Sadly Hubb stopped us from buying, telling us we can have it almost every night since there's 7 Eleven everywhere.. WE gave the idea up but who knows... Not all 7-Eleven have this variety lor!! So far, I think only airport ba..

First meal ~ McDonald breakfast
Without fail, I must try all the McDonald in every countries I went..
Bangkok still the best for their Samurai Pork burger... Okay I missing it liao lah.. Anyone tabao back for mi!!!

First stop ~ Wong Tai Sin
Right after we deposited our luggages at the hotel as we are too early for the check in..
Usually check in time is after 2pm..
I seriously need my morning bathe! I wondered how I can take it during my confinement month..

Address: 2 Chuk Yuen Village, Wong Tai Sin , Kowloon
MTR Wong Tai Sin Station Exit B2

Hubb and I with our Tiger 'god' ~ sorry not sure what we suppose to call them..

How can we miss the chance to take with the Monkey 'god'!!!
our baby girl will be born in the year of Monkey!!

Yue Lao (月老)

 Had our second breakfast at Tsui Wah restaurant which was highly recommended by Hubb cousin and even my MIL..

MUST TRY ~ Crispy bun with condensed milk
It's super good!

 Berry standard kind of breakfast everywhere we go in HongKong..

To mi, all taste the same..

We went separate way after brunch.. 
PIL went to buy their 'shao la' at Sham Shui Po and the youngster have no interests since we wanna shop shop abit and Sham shui Po have nothing much to shop.. We decided to go Argyle centre to walk. Sadly, we are too early (it was about 11plus am) and most of the shops have not open yet. We were told that most shop will only open after 12 plus 1 as they close shop berry late at night which is like after 1-2 am..

Next stop ~ Yi Dian Xin

Address: Shop 1 & 2, G/F Kenwood Mansion
15 Playing Field Road, Prince Edward
MTR Prince Edward Exit A

Hearsay we have to wait for an hour or so as their outlet is so so small, limited seats oso lah..
To our surprise, we get to go in once all of us reached and ordered.

 Food we had ordered..

One of the best dim sum we had in HongKong..
Hubb even wanna go back another day which stopped by me... (too many dim sum places to go to liao lah..)
Definitely, if I was to choose Yi Dian Xin or Tim Ho Wan, I will choose Yi Dian Xin..
Must try: Dan San (one of the Cantonese name we remember deeply.. hahaha!)
Deep fried Prawn dumpling
Steam Vermicelli Roll with Deep fried flour roll

Back to Hotel to wash up!!
I need a hot bath so badly!!
We stayed in Hotel Madera Hong Kong at Cheong Lok Street

I love the room and everything.. Too bad not able to upload the video lei..

The hotel even provided unlimited use of local data and even unlimited use of local and internation call for each room!!

Happy mi after wash up!! Clean yi ge!
Mak's noodle for dinner

Super like the noodle.. My style!
I miss the noodle so much lor..

But I seriously think that the food in HongKong is way too expensive le lah..
HKD99 @ the rate of 5.6 is S$17.68
Yes for this 2 bowl of noodle!! I wonder how much they are selling in SG for this 2 bowls in shopping center lor..  

Walked around Jordon street and Temple street but seriousl NOTHING to shop and buy!!
SAD die mi!!

Some old buildings in HongKong..
I feel so unsafe walking under it, moreover living in one it..

Starbucks Café latte everywhere I go!!
It still tastes so good!!

 Fifth meal of the day ~ Supper Time..
Only Sweet corn is mine ya..

 My loots for day 1!!

PSST: I was carting a few dresses before I went to bed... WHOOPZ!

Initially thinking to blog whole HK trip in 1 post lah but thinking if doing so, will be a super long post.. So decided to separate by days..

Currently still uploading my Korea post..
OMG.. It had been 7 months liao lo.. Trying my berry best liao..

11.11 update: All my Korea blogs had been uploaded.. 
Happy reading! 

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