Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hello, Third trimester ~ 29 + 4 days!

Pardon mi!
Not sure if it was Braxton Hicks contractions taking the effect or not.. But I think it still too early to have it right... IDK!
But FINALLY, last night 29 + 4 days, for once I witnessed Baby Yin moved.. I was indeed super excited and overjoyed witnessing it.. Tears in my eyes too!
Okay sorry for being dramatic lah please Mummy Yin..
I still feel your stretching this morning.. YES I feel you.. No worries.. Mummy is okay and please give mummy more..

10 weeks to go

* As at 28 + 6 weeks, I've gained 5.9KG. I was 5.6 KG last month so I have slowed down a lot. Gynae was praised mi that for someone who just back from travelling(yes I went to HongKong last mth end and yes will update soon... whoopz!) just gain 200g..
Like how did I do that..
Frankly speaking, I ate a lot, really a lot.. There's a day we ate about 11 meals in a single day which include dessert and main course lah.. Still 11 meals was a lot man..
I kept pulling my Hubb leg, saying mi not so fortunate lah, no ppl to cook tonic and birdnest for mi lah, no durian lah.. He even offered to cook for mi if I really want it.. Okay Hubb, I'm just joking and I think for Baby Yin sake, you better forget this thinking.. In fact, my mil did make soup for mi everytime I went over to in law hse, just had stopped for a mth due to all the travelling and I haven't go there yet. This may be caused of slowing down weight gain.. Well, as long as Baby Yin is growing well and healthy..
Still, I have to watch my diet..

*One of my pregnancy joy is that I dun have to change to maternity clothes.. I still wearing my usual working outfits.. I did buy a few maternity skirt and jean but frankly speaking I totally no like it.. Maybe I wore it the wrong way..!
I remember months ago, I still worried the sizes I should get for my CNY clothes.. I believe I can stick to my usual size le ba.. Finger crossed!! Cause 1 shipment is on the way to Singapore from Taiwan.. Happy like a bird!!

* Still no much craving till date.. Was hoping to wake up in the middle of the night instructing Hubb to go buy roti prata or even Punggol nasi lemak for me lei.. :p
After weeks of not cooking, finally whipped out baked pasta and porridge with dishes for the past 2 dinner.. Okay I need a rest for the next few days, hmmm, weeks.. hmmmmmm...

* I'm still as tired as always.. No matter how tired I am, I will still wake up in the middle of the night to adjust my sleeping position and pillow as my lower back is killing mi.. Not possible to slp throughout the night.. Lucky enough, I stopped waking up to go to the toilet anymore.. There was once for a few weeks or months, I had to wake up 2-3 times for toilet..

* Baby stuffs finally settle almost everything.. WE bought the baby playpen last Friday, though we still dun have time to fix it up.. Well, we still have 10 more weeks to go right.. Whoopz! Definitely wanna get it done by end of this month..
Stopped buying Baby Yin clothes or did I..? PSST: another shipment is coming in the next 2 weeks or so..

*I'm still thinking if I wanna take up maternity shoot. Blame my previous fats!! My tummy isn't rounded nicely as I tot I will be, not as smooth as I tot I will be too.. Not the stretchmark that bothering mi but the scratch mark.. Stupid Hands and fingers lah!! SO right now, I still cannot make up my mind whether to take or not to take maternity shoot though ppl been telling mi all photos will be edited and filtered but still I cannot stop thinking otherwise..

Going into 30 weeks in 2 more days!! AND I think Hubb already forgotten that he promised to bring mi go celebrate de..!

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