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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Alway a IT idiot de wo,
Finally today after reading my buddy(Enjing) blog
I follow him edit all the photo below...

Today went out early in the morning 930
I went for my appointment
Den my Bendan go study
Ke Lian him so early go library still no place to study
went mac oso no place
finally he find his area at coffee bean
He been berry berry hardworking
I dun blame him for neglected me for this few weeks
Dun worry I'm fine as long as u study hard can liao
Ard 1 plus I went meet him for lunch
we went eat at pizza hut
celebrate our anniversary..
After eating our second piece,
bendan found hairs below of his pizza
sticking there lor
lucky it's not me if not i dunno wat I may do man...
Me : Excuse Me!!!
The staff: Yes,can I help..
Me: There's hairs sticking on my bf's pizza
The staff: Eek...I'm so sorry... Wat u wan me to do with it?
Me: Wat do u tink u can do? After the hairy do u think we dare to eat...
The staff : U wait ar.. I go ask my manager
After 10 min...
The staff: Do u wan a replace of pizza?
Bendan: Can take away coz we had already full after seeing the hair
The staff: Cannot take away...U muz eat here..
Me: Hello!!! How we going to eat finish it when we already eat half of our previous pizza
Can we have discount instead?
The staff: Or I replace a garlic bread for u..
Me: Sorry but as I juz say we're too full to continue with our food
Manager: I'm sorry... Did u see the hair on your pizza?
Bendan pointed to her...
Manager: I'm so so sorry... I noe u guys sure wun have any wei kou to continue with the pizza.
I replace your pizza.
Bendan: Can take away?
Manager: Of Coz...
Me: But your staff say cannot...
.......Cannot ans my question...
Manager: I will get the pizza take away for you... I'm so sorry about it ...
I need to take the pizza away to check it out...So sorry
went home after that..
Bendan need to study mar...
having headache again so didn't wanna plan my taiwan itinerary first..

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