Thursday, December 8, 2016

34 weeks - Arguement with your daddy

Hello Jiselle,

How are you? Have you getting mummy food nutrition well enough!?  I had been trying real hard to control my food intake so that I can manage well with my gluose level.. Berry satisfied with my daily result but everything have to see how doc say next week.. Really hope i bring down some points, of course currently is still in the berry safe zone but your mummy, MI wanna do a even better job!!

Sorry for not giving what other mummies eat and drink!! Definitely for your own good.. 6 more weeks to go and let's work hard together! Definitely worth it...!

Sorry for not controlling my mood and temper for the past two nights.. Seem like I need to say ~ all thanks to your Daddy lah!! Told him many times liao yet he still let mi tears to sleep!! Whatever! Not like he will care when he is angry! Not like I wanna him to get any closer to mi when I'm in that mood!! Happy that once or twice ,my bad mood wun affect your growing, doesn't affect you!! Of course I will try my best not to be moody again but I need your daddy help too.. It takes two hands to clap ma right!!

First arguement

Totally forget what happened that night..! Definitely not berry serious argument lah cause I remember I never shed a tear lah.. but I remember you have beeen real active that whole day making mi super worry and scare.. And your daddy didn't bother abt me even when I told him this.. The only thing I can do was to tell you to hang in there for mummy at least for 4 more weeks..

Second arguement

Straight two nights mummy and daddy quarrelled.. This time Mummy totally brust out, totally cannot control her feeling, her mood.. And mummy cried, real hard!! Not that I wan but I really cannot control it at all.. Not berry serious but I juz cannot tahan, cannot control.. Your daddy did came in and  tried to stop mi but of coz not successful as usual!! Seem like he still can't put down his ego to stop mi..
Everything started when your daddy wanna discussed some stuffs regarding our helper who is coming in next week.. And mi, trying to stop his ridiculous thinking (like restricting helper how long she should eat her meal and how long she should do the stuffs and so on..!! Okay he explained and say he doesn't mean that!! He juz wanna range the timing!! Oh well!!) Of course this is not the main reason to make mi so piss off and even cried... Is his ego pride and attitude!! This really his super bad  character and I had been wanting him to change but tiger how to change his spot!! I know he tried but just not hard enough!! When stuffs didn't get his way, he sure get tensed up and his tat attitude will definitely flow in and led to mi getting frustrated.. okay not that I'm great but definitely better cause what he expected from mi, I did does it for him and den yes he get demanding liao lor.. whatever!! Changing is for both of us not for himself nor myself.. definitely right now is for us, for you too... I dun wish in future this will be his barrier between the both of you..

Hahaha! Yr daddy made the first move as he always does lah.. this time he made wonderful prefect move lah..
Thank you Daddy..!! Mummy love the surprise berry much!!

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