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Thursday, April 10, 2008

yoz everybody...
miss mi rite...kanna force to update
so here i am
been berry berry busy this few weeks,
should say from the day i change job till maybe my shifu be back from her leave liao ba...
I berry cool de lor...
i been taught onli for like 2 weeks den my shifu go on her maternity leave for 3 months lor
I was threw with like all the back load
oh forget to mention..
I'm currently work as Account Credit Controller...
abit beta den Account Assistant lor
but muz take in alot of stress man
been having headache since the day ermz...my shifu go on her leave lor
but still like my tis job
i learnt quite alot of new stuffs
I juz gonna ren 3 months den will be more relax liao lor
So guys,gonna wait quite long for me to update my blog liao lor...
dunno when den i will update again liao....
To my prince Lijuan*
I noe most of the time when i give u a lesson,you are not listening
anyway i'm use to it liao
but i'm glad still at least at the end of the day you change rite
muz grown up liao la...20 years old rite leh
I oso happy for you la...though got a new bf but tink he reali treat you not bad rite
read yr blog...
go out with Kweehao all rite....Orr...
anyway take care hor
find somedays go out together lor
i mean can go meet up with our old colleagues la
i dun mind if they dun wahaha
who will rite...i'm so cutie rite...
Tml is mi and my bendan 31 months anniversary liao
as he gonna go guard duty tml so we meet up today lor
though it's kinda sad
at least juz now he came and fetch mi from work
so SWEET rite
we went to eat at Carl JR
super Nicey lor but too bad I having headache once again
i mean i had super bad headache since morning
when i step in the office
anyway i'm use to it liao hee
Though it's quite late,we still went shop awhile at basement
in the end,my bendan bought for mi a heel i wanna buy lor
i oso got buy thing for him la
though today stuff all like berry cheapy thing
but at least it's the thought that count rite..
Saturday we going out again...
i dun care i wanna myself to enjoy every of my weekend 1
Bendan Baobei...
I will always love you more and more and forever
i dun care ppl say i berry mushy or wat so ever
i juz wanna you to noe
Thank for everything you given to mi
without you i'm not mi myself rite now
i wun be so proud of myself...
Dun miss mi too much when i move out of your house kayz
muz be happy for mi de
duuno wat happen de ren sure will anyhow think de hor
let them think ba...wahaha...
gonna go in my dreamland liao

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