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Thursday, May 8, 2008

It's been sometime i last update my blog liao...
anyway i tink nobody even bother rite
It's juz mi and my bendan ba
for this whole week
alot of stuff happen lor
for work or my love life or even my family could i include frenz...
let me think...
It's been 2 months i been left alone by my shifu to do all her backload
kanna say by ppl
kanna stress by ppl too
still i like my job
i'm reali learning lots of new stuffs,useful stuff
all those stress i'm taking it's reali worth
of coz my pay is so much higher den b4 i can even save up
I did get praise abt my work too
abt mi can take all those stress as they tot i will back off after a month
i did prove them wrong and even do beta
I start loving my job le but not to forget 1 month later
after my shi fu came back
i will den juz a assistant with my current pay
i even love it
more relax lesser stress of coz
lesser work too
but somehow i got a feeling she not coming back leh
nobody even mention to mi la
let wait and see lor...
My love life-
Rite now staying with my bendan...
sometime something didn't reali goes well
and i'm going to move to stay with my grandparents
as they keep on nagging mi to move
i noe it's not nice for mi to keep on staying here la
so i decided to move back lor
Bendan,i noe u bu she de
but things reali not as wat we wan and tink
i suppose u noe wat i mean ba
somemore u flying again it will be even weird for mi rite
oh ya,
forget to mention...
my this bendan extend his ORD juz becoz he wanna go Australia for training
or should i say for the money $$$
anyway no matter wat he decide i will alway support him
though of coz i will du she de and i will be all alone for 6 weeks
starting from 27May onward lor
it's going to be a berry long six weeks for mi ba
dun worry abt mi...
i will be fine over at my grandparents there
except with no home cook food for mi to bring to work any more
should be okay with it
i reali gonna miss you lots and lots
i noe u will too
this few weeks you been treating mi real good
bringing mi here and there
i reali miss the times and days over at Sentosa last weekend
can't wait to go for another 1
I dun care i going to book once more when u came back to SIn
Over at Australia,
stuff reali berry expensive dun bother to buy stuff for mi
save more ba
going U going to spend quite a number le...
Dun forget our promise to each other 3 years later...
muz save up liao...
I reali love you berry berry much...
Been more and more with my Daddy
reali love him alots
reali regrets for making him heart break years back
and all thanks to my stupid idiot 'mum'
still got the face to ask mi faster get marry and even ask for 10 tables
fat hope man
i dun even wan her to be present
i still wan my face de lor
no way man
not going to bother abt her lor
my daddy more important hee
Xiao gu too...my half mother lor
still tinking of wat to buy for her lor...
maybe a DS lor
Prince juan...
miss you so much lor
miss our gossip time at pizza with drumlets
miss shopping time...
when can meet up man...
muz find times for mi hor...
dun juz tink of your fatty bear la
muz tink of mi mar
Thank for being my go work buddy,lunch mate
and alot la
reali feel nice to have you such a buddy
when our next lunch at long john and Ayam peyet???

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