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Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's been the fourth day without bendan beside mi liao,still got like 56 days to go before i can see him.I reali miss him so so much lor even though we did chat on phone but it like onli 5-10 mins and that all...I reali not use with that,without him by my side.Suddenly misses his naggy,his caring,his love,his kisses and alot of things...Maybe becoz stay with him too long liao and is like too use to rely on him...Reali hoping the time will pass faster abit so that i can see him.Tml gonna 3G him liao,been forget to do so for the pass few day somemore it's expensive if we gonna chat everyday on 3G.Sometime i reali hate him for deciding to go over Australia and juz throw me all alone in Singapore somemore they money they given them oso not berry good by the time they came back from Australia sure all use finish de lor.Anyway my that bendan forever wun listen unless he get it fail and realise his fault and then he will apologise...No matter wat he still my bendan i still love him..I noe this time round is juz a test on our feeling for each other and of coz i noe we can definity pass with flying colour....

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