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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tis few days been coming online...
update blog...
check out internet...
and even chat with my frenz to get in contact...
everything was so great
all thank to my bro
who 'xi sen' his lappy to mi to buy his long wanted bike...
he been asking every1 in the family to lend him $$$
but too bad as my daddy is the oldest in family
and dun like dun allow him to buy
so no-one are allow or should i say dun dared...
still we can't blame my daddy or even my bro la
Is not daddy no $$$ or daddy dun wan to lend him
is juz worry abt him
in the world
which family member would like and bared to let his or her children riding
especially bike on the road...
But cannot blame my bro too
it's juz his dream
juz hope he will at times tink of his family especially once on the road...
so much abt it...
muz write bits of myself...
woke up quite early as my bendan reach home at 915am mar
he sure woke mi up de
after he bathe finish and i brushed my teeth
we went eat breakfast
he order super lots lor...
carrots cake which my favorite
nasi lemak
kway chap
and ice coffee
reali filled up my stomach...
den walked pass a small tent shop beside the coffeeshop
sell different kinds of cute cartoon stuff
of coz i'm attracted into the pooh series
as expectedly i bought the stickers and oil control tingy
all pooh bear de lor and most important my bendan pay for it
anyway it's berry cheap onli la
bendan bu hui bu she de de he juz love mi too much to care of tis ting
hee...berry mushy rite...
reached home...
he went slp liao lor
mi lea...
help to do housework ermz...again lor
I sweep and mop the floor
the floor was like wow!!! super super dirty
wonder how's his bro do the floor yesterday anyway not my problem
i juz do the floor nicey today can liao
mop the floor twice
feel so good when stepping on the floor
bring out clothes to enjoy the sun
later gonna iron clothes
rite now eating snake..waiting for his bro to reach home
wake my bendan up
den go NUH see his grandpa
wat a off day...

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