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Sunday, May 25, 2008

is the date everyone throughout the world will always remember
juz like 921
Today watch Channel 8 SiChuan earthquake charity show
at first i'm not reali into the show
but after watching the show it's reali different
every intro abt how rescuers rescue the ppl stuck under all the pillar
how ppl over there suffer during/after the earth quake
juz how they lose their children,parents....love one...
juz everything over there...
I reali drop down my tear..
it's reali heartache seeing all the photo,video taken
Rite here in Singapore...
we're reali lucky and bless for as we have such a peaceful country
I make a $18 call...
i noe it's juz $18 but i reali hope it's can help them juz abit
a berry little bit...
May every1 over there,
for those suffering...strive their berry best to survive
May those who have to go before other
before they wanna say goodbye
before they can say goodbye
Rest in Peace

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