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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bendan got guard duty today so not at home with mi...
Early morning get his morning kisses,so sweet
kinda late today as i forgot to set alarm to wake up
he himself oso take ages to prepare
anyway thanks to him morning kisses if not i dunno wat i time i will wake up lor
His ah ma not at home
so i gonna checked everything before i left home
even i'm on the bus
i still keep tinking did forget this forget that
As usual today,
at work kanna chase home...
my colleagues all berry on...on the dot i mean
everytime i sure kanna chase out as my workplace account door need to lock and secure de
My luck not as good as yesterday
to get on the 0645pm bus..
In the end
i gonna wait for almost half an hour for the next bus lor
SBS oso berry cute de la
noe that it's after work time sure alot ppl de
still bus onli came every almost half an hr berry irriating
lucky enough almost everytime i get to get on the bus with seat
today reach home surprisingly early at 8 plus so cool rite
but still got to help bendan's mummy do housework...
Tml I'm on leave
clearing leave mar as we cannot bring forward the leave de
i still got another 1 and half more day to go
once bendan fly to Aust
sure enough dun even noe when to take leave,where to go....

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