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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Last night went eat steamboat with Wangling and Shaun at Bugis. Thank for treating me, i reali enjoy myself with the food.We had the hot and spicy and da gu tang as our soup base. The food there was good and the owner is berry generous, service still okay.. Find one day gonna bring my bendan to eat that, wanna see his lip numb haha...

I received my UOB debit card le. Finally can watch movies at Cathay during weekend for $8.00 le somemore got free popcorn. This debit card oso got rebate de lor,I berry excited over it lor but gonna go open a new saving account to save up le though i already sign a saving plan le mar. No harm saving more money mar coz i wanna buy my own Home sweet Home. Can i make it in 5 years? Bendan, we gonna work harder for our future le.. Humpz*

My ex-company(Jaz) called me at work this morning. Finally they get to noe i'm working here le, at least i dun need to hide or scare see them over here den dunno how to ans them, anyway i oso dun have to ans them de mar. But I'm reali puzzled lor, how they get to noe i'm working here. At least i can see my path ahead over here den there mar, if they means well for me den they wun blame me de ba.Who cares so much..

Can't wait for 6.30pm lor...Today somehow no mood to work lea maybe coz 1day didn't see my bendan liao later can see him lor... Die le la... next week onward, Bendan start school liao cannot meet up on weekdays le * Kanna order by his Daddy so muz listen de*

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