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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Reach work quite early today so can come online blogging awhile. Nothing much happening so far this week. First week of 22nd years old kinda normal lea. Maybe I already had a wonderful weekend last week le ba. I wanna change myself to a beta person ( I noe I'm already was...wahaha) I mean I wanna change my hot temper especially toward my Bendan. Somehow, I reali happy with my everything right now, or maybe so far ba, or maybe I juz dun wanna tink so much liao. I juz dun wanna care much.. All I can have my bendan by side and I'm happie with it le.

Last night slp over at his house again so morning went to eat breakfast with him. I woke up first wanna go wash up but his brother still bathing so stood outside wait for him. Meanwhile, chit chat with his daddy, reali quite a long time never reali talk to him le. The feeling was so great..He told me not to meet up with Bendan so often especially once he started school gonna let him concentrate on his studies. Which mean, Bendan, we cannot meet on weekdays okay onli weekend. Your daddy say so too hee... Oh my bendan gonna started school next week le maybe that's y we been meeting up almost everyday this week. Only for today cannot meet cause meeting up Wangling and Shaun for dinner. Gonna miss him liao...

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