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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sorry Bendan...
I broke my 2 years of promise juz becoz i juz can't stand them liao
moreover ni mei you ba wo fang zai yan li...
But somemore i reali regret that la
lucky wo mei you hen xia xin if not jiu bu kan se xiang le...
I power le... han yu ping yin lea
dun wanna make it so obvious mar...
I reali hope that at time please think of me
i'm the one who gonna pei ni dao lao de leh
Juz wanna let u noe that I reali Love you...
Wo zhen de hen ai ni...
Wow reali long nv update le hor...
kinda lazy lea...
actually this few days/weeks alot of things happen man
I get hocked with the machine basketball man
especially the one at downtown east at E Hub de
it's reali fun lor but oso berry tiring de la...
Muz go try it lor...
Yesterday after work went watch 4bia with bendan at TM
not a bad show
finally got a movie tat make me scream le
the show got 4 parts
the first is super doper quiet and berry scary
the second 1 is still okay onli ba ermz can say er xin de lor
the third 1 is the most funny yet scary de
the fourth 1 ar...juz go and watch it
Me and bendan and his family planning to go taiwan this coming dec
reali can't wait to take plane and stay over board
now gonna save up liao each person 1.5 lea
juz roughly amount gonna give bendan's parents de lor
for 3 meals over there and accomdation and air tickets
oh they taking SQ flight lor haiz
not include own spending over there de lor
gonna save up liao...
Actually i'm berry excited de lor
can't wait for Dec to come lor

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