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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Times flies reali fast..
and finally it is our 3 years anniversary...
though there's reali up and down for the pass few months and years
we did alot of quarrels, cold wars...
But I noe deep down we reali love each other
and cannot dun have each other de
Today reali enjoy myself though i'm sick and with MC
but i dun care gonna celebrate mar
1 year once anniversary de leh
went over to Vivo for a movie and had lunch
We had our lunch at Hong Kong Kim Gary restuarant
not bad and not expensive
I had a super big bowl of chicken chop noodle while bendan had pork chop garlic rice
We too order seaweed french fries and curry french fries
Bendan love the seaweed but i tink it's abit too salty
the curry one not berry nice dun reali have the taste of the curry
still abit salty
Nowadays Bendan eat reali salty stuffs lor
Oh Dear it not good for your health ar...
After lunch, we go shopping before we go watch Wall E..
not a bad show la
kinda sweet cute with a little bit of boring in between haha
imagine there's a small ger who fallen aslp during the show
tink the seat too comfortable le lor
I still like it la(bendan juz knew it)
After the show we went shopping bought alot of stuff for each other le...
Guess wat we had the spicy steamboat for dinner at Vivo...
Ermz... not berry nice de lor...
berry few choices of foods for us to choose lor
berry normal nothing special at all
Hey frenz... dun even try to go and eat kayz
if not sure regret reali...
Happy day normally pass berry fast
and it's time for us to go back home le...
Oh i forgot to mention how we manage to get out from Vivo-mart to go out
we waited around the area
waited for ppl to come in coz the auto door onli allow ppl to come in not out
thank to the security over there help us at the door call ppl
finally haha 1 ang mo couple went in the mart den we get to go out
Thank frenz
Day end juz like tat
ermz... Home sweet Home
Working time!!!
Haiz I keep thinking today is Monday coz yesterday MC mar
SOrry Boss...I MC still can go out enjoy
muz forgive huh my Big day leh
At work haha my GM had a cool arguement with a UK client
It's a reali berry wonderful fight
Too bad cannot mention much over here
Confidental mar
Oh I read a email abt Mac curry sauce
so yucky lor
lucky i dun reali eat that
too bad for my Bendan, it is his favourite lor
but even i tell him he still eat
up to him la
While going back, my leg got scratch by a biker(ride bicycle)
It was so pain lor
imagine yr leg hair with the skin came off
imagine it straight away became dry blood
Imagine when water rolls through the wound u almost cry out tat kind
My Bendan still dun let me to scold them
instead pull me away
bloody hell
but Sorry bendan i Juz vent my anger on u
becoz my leg reali berry pain
at night i oso too tired fall aslp didn't care much abt u
especially yr skin berry itchy i still scold u ask u dun scratch
ermz but i oso for your own good mar
u reali wanna yr skin rot meh(make u scare onli la)
Please tink for yrself la haiz
It's saturday le
It's weekend man
but I'm staying at home with my bendan
he study i watch movie( 命中注定我愛你)
Oh his daddy went out for work le
his mummy went out with his yi ma
his bro is in the room with his frenz ,a ger and 3 guys
I dun reali like them
ermz is dun like the ger lor a.a.l is 1 thing
still say me,
Bendan should i dun like ppl to say me should say i'm berry sentitive de
aiya she should noe herself la
So wat if i'm fat at least wo hen zi ai okay
watever i dun fight with small ger small a.a.l
Finally they had gone out le if not i dunno where to put my eyes
Thank Bendan for going down to buy dinner for me

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