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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Once again urgent leave..
Not me okay haiz...
Throwing all the work for me alone
She knew it
She juz knew it that I gonna close my account by 3Oct
In order to go on leave
But how to close when I'm all alone doing all the work
I juz getting too tired, too tied on
I dun mind doing more things as Times will pass faster
But I juz cannot take it that it's all me doing the work
All she does was to nag and nag
complain and complain
Guess wat she only need to do her agent
when i gonna do mine, when most my agents gonna update their spreadsheet
plus doing weekly daily report,
month end closing
printing sorting of statement...
She not young anymore le leh still act like small kid
At times,
I reali cannot stand sitting next to her
But I cannot help it
Sometime reali feel like going to Miss Chua room and talk to her
Still at times I pity her la
Juz dunno how to describe my feeling and thought
Only my Bendan will noe
Oh Last night went eat waffle with my bendan at Far East
Saw my frenz at there working
got free drinks and a more scoop of ice cream
cool rite
Thanks frenz for the treat though i still gonna pay for the waffle la

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