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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's juz a empty shell...
Empty hope at all...
Bendan, I'm not being hard on you
But it is reali getting abit too hard for me to take it le
I noe Everything will be fine at the end
It's not juz wat you think it is den it is de
I noe you love me juz as much as I do
but it's isn't wat you tink is wat I wan it to be
Sorry making everyone who read this tink that we had quarrel
Too bad we didn't
Juz too sad Wahaha
I noe we are strong enough to fight through everything
I wun let this kind of 'wu liao' small stuff to ruin my wonderful relationship
Hey I'm juz 'fa dian lao shao'
No worry I'm fine
Rite now working closing half of my ears
She juz too noisy
Help her do her stuff still complain so much
I only have 2 hands and 1 brain lea
How to do all the stuff somemore I got my own thing to do leh
Get so much pay still so lazy
everything push to me
stop acting as if you care
Everyone noe it
i juz dun need to say it out
They have their own eyes to see de leh
Juz wait till that particular day when i juz cannot 'ren' anymore

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