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Monday, September 22, 2008

I did a most craziest stuff in my whole life so far man.
You never had guess it de man.
It's oso a secret so cannot reveal it over here.
No-one noe except of coz my bendan noe it nia and he gonna help me keep it...
And becoz of this secret..
I'm totally broke for this week, imagine I onli had less den 100 bucks with me and in my bank..
Sorry Bendan,
I made such a decision such a rush without asking you
and gonna let you 'yang' for this week..
Dun worry onli for this week and everything will back to normal de...
Ermz lucky for me getting my pay this weekend and haha GST credit..
But I noe Bendan,
you sure will support me de rite for the sake of me getting ____ hee..
I juz can't wait for that day to come...
Hope i can do it...
Muz support me okay...
Finally your turn coming over to my hse and stay liao..
Together we 'ren' my ah gong naggy haha...
Can't wait for me to finish work wahaha...
Oh did i forget to mention something..
I dunno abt it la but I dun mind sharing it again haha..
I'm flying oppz I mean this coming Dec,
I'm going to Taiwan and it is confirmed coz everything booked liao,
we taking SQ flight though it's kinda expensive
but going with my bendan's parents
Somemore it is my first time taking a flight,
my bendan wanna me to take SQ
aiya I'm okay it la..
First time mar muz be a wonderful first time de..
Me and bendan in charge of itinerary so muz make it a successful 1,
Aiyo Bendan pls help me okay dun lazy liao. Hee...

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