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Sunday, October 5, 2008

I had the most wonderful cool weekend with my ITE buddies..
Reali miss them alot lor...
It had been almost 3 months since we last met..
Dun forget our agreement ar
To meet up every 2 months hor
Cannot bu steady huh
Post some of our photo over here
the rest gonna wait for Enjing to send me ar..
All of us had grown up le
we had all changed alot but our friendship had never change
And will nv change okay...
You guys are the most best buddies frenz I ever had
Promise we will always stay the same
Let's look out for our next meeting
I will plan again lor...

My best buddy-he juz getting emo oppz is he?

Our bui steady kaijie and me!!!

B4 going on to Priate ship

Only they 3 up there...
Me annie and my bf juz too scare to go on

Later we gonna get wet man...

Steady man..Inverter...Jia you

Can see where are they mar...

paiseh...too fast didn't manage to get your faces

Blower ride of the day

Thank bendan for starting the fire.. You are the best of the best..

Our cooks of the day...

Thank to pirate ship making Enjing no strength liao...

I'm the big winner haha... Thanks buddies...

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