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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Xin Fu

Every love,
every xinfu,
every happiness and everything started last year 2012,
when my ah Bendan propose to me..
 It really caught mi in surprisess...
 Still, I blame him for not letting me know earlier so I can wear dress or even nicer den short... OMG!!
 Although, there is no video recorded on that day he proposed
(super doper sad, but area too dark no point take video)...
 I love the balloons alot though we had difficultly taking cab and end up taking train with many envy faces looking at us...
 I just love this feeling.. Wuhaha
Thanks Hubby for the wonderful moment! ||(^o^)||
I love you

Special credit to my Aiai and Suzi Babe for this photo

Super pretty but heavy bouquet of roses

Queuing up for date for enangment
This day, 
I'm officially Mrs Yin...
I'm married
Finally my dream comes trueSsS
Oh ya, our wedding photos!
We took our wedding in Taiwan last year
I'm not allow to post it anywhere even in FB 
coz we still haven't held our wedding dinner/ceremony yet
hence my hubby dun wish to publish any photo
Sad me
Been wanna upload the photos
Let's wait!

Pretty mi

Officially Mrs Yin on 11May2012

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