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Monday, February 25, 2013

Back dated - 22 February 2013

Somehow it already become a must to eat at slightly good food on Friday or maybe some restaurant/s
Maybe because I'm currently working at Tanjong Pagar area, keep wanna eat this eat that!!
Plus both of us are earning slightly more den last time
And YES! I putting on weight for the past 2 months... 

Last Friday, after choosing this and that, we decided to settle our dinner at Rama Thai Restaurant... 
Somehow making piss off with their service attitude... 
Hello We are not rich but we still can afford this!!!
Below are what we had order and this is all the so call S portion...
For 2 pax, the lady waiter asked whether we wanna get M portion
When we replied No, the lady gave us a face, which tells me that 2 pax order so little
Thinking the portion may be small, I told my hubby that we can go find dessert after dinner
To our surprise!!!
The portion was big...
I do not think that for this S portion, my hubby and I can even finish it
I believe that the lady wanna promote more to get more order for that night 
But I dun think that is a good idea for her to promote M portion when it is only for 2 paxs
There's goes my dessert of the day (*o*")

Not so fresh crab beehoon
Ate 1 and both of our mouth feel itchy

At least!! This is yummy
Lemon fried chicken

Not the Olive rice that I thinking of
Not too bad
But we are toooo full to finish this
In the end, we left almost half of this...

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